Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Yard work today

It is sunny today again so we did some yard work. Gunner is getting so good with his retrieve and giving it up. He still wants to hold it but is 90% better than last Summer/Fall when I had to either "treat or stim" him into letting it go. He seems to be getting more receptive as he gets a little age and maturity on him.
Shasha is still working on her recall. We also did some walking leash work. Even at "heel" for a very few minutes.

Then we all played ball and chase and wrestle. They had fun and are taking a nap now.
Have to find some birds to train with until I have more pigeons. Mine are all sitting nest.

Monday, March 7, 2011

The sun is out

Pic above: is from Naces Run a few weeks ago, Shasha found some bird remains and Gunner was helping her .
We have been out too. Just in the yard though. I did some work with Gunner on his retrieve and wait command. For Gunner we can now do Retriever and Shooting Dog Ratings. So we will doing work on that as well as his JH and NAVHDA UT. That should keep him busy and happy. He is almost healed from his neuter.

For Sasha, we have been working on her recall. In the field she listens well but still in the yard, she forgets her name. Or so it would seem when she is called and ignores me. Stubborn little girl. Trying to get her ready for her NAVHDA NA and soon it will be lake time but she already has been chest deep in the creek and lake in the cold water with Gunner. I don't think it will be a problem. She is also registered to go to the Novice Field Seminar in May. It should be fun and we will get to meet other Weim Hunting dogs and their owners.

Spent part of yesterday getting all their paper work and joining stuff done. Does anyone else feel like their dogs social secretary LOL