Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas All!! I have been very busy so have been bad about posting. We have a new little Girl weim. We have had her for a couple of weeks already. Her name is Hales Sasha Blue or Sasha. She is 12 weeks old as of Wed and weighs in at 18 lbs today. She is Gunners new training partner and has already shown a good intrest in the training birds. So everything here is busy and will start her training with Gunner and also my Triathlon training.

I hope everyone is having a great Christmas Day!!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

A pack of beagles

It started raining last night and turned colder. So when I got up I decided to take Gunner out to the West Side and just work the edges of the corn and soy bean fields. We were working our way back toward the corn fields and heard the baying of beagles. They were still a ways out so we continued on for a bit. Then we didn't hear them any more. A few minutes later we were surrounded by happy smiling beagles. If a dog could look like "WTF??" Gunner was doing a good impression of it. He likes other dogs but not in such numbers. They were friendly and sniffing Gunner and me. Gunner got more relaxed after a little while and started to play bow to them and they were just hopping around. It seemed like a hundred of the little cuties but in reality there were only 7. My very first dog was a part beagle that my Aunt brought home when we were living with my Grandparents so I have always loved their smiling faces and sweet temperaments. Anyway off in the distance I see a guy coming towards us and I holler out that I'm sorry if I got into his way. He hollered back..."Not a problem..they have not done crap this morning anyway." He was on his way back to the truck so he whistled them up and off they when en-mass over the hill. Gunner looked like "Whew that was exciting" So we continued on our way. We didn't see any birds except a big hawk that Gunner DID NOT chase. Yay!! So now we are home after I gathered a few rocks for the edge of my fence. Gunner is tired and we will just relax the rest of the day.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Our first woodcock.

The above woodock is not the one we saw just a pic of one from the general area.
(if you can't find it click on the pic for a bigger view.)

Today started off with a bang..or should I say a quick run down the hill followed by an even quicker stop and fall on my butt in the road. I had put Gunner on his CC to see his girlfriends on their walk up the street. Unfortunately I underestimated his strength in pulling me down to see them. Yep, one quick yank and down I went. Oh well, I guess I'll just have to add that to my list of injuries this week. But it did set up a scenario for us seeing our very first Ohio woodcock.
I'll explain, due to somewhat twisting my ankle in the lovely downhill this morning and needing to get Gunner some exercise. I decided to take him to a rarely used road in the forest. That way I could stay on the road and he could run loose and investigate the roadside, ditches and brush along the way. We get to the road and park in a pull off and off we go. Gunner in his hunter orange E-collar and reflective hunting collar and me in my Hunter orange is still bow season after all. It is nice and cool and quiet. All I can hear is an occasional bird and Gunner moving on the fallen leaves. We get about 15 minutes out and he goes into a ditchy, wet and soggy area. It has some fallen trees and stuff but not too much. Gunner goes on point and I can see him from the road. So I call him and he glances at me and then right back to intense point. So I grudgingly go into the mushy, squishy stuff to see what the heck he has. I get about 6-8 feet from him from the side and up flies a bird. Brownish, gray-ish with a really long beak. Up the hill about halfway and into some brush. Gunner moves about 2 feet and stops. He looks at me like Momma why didn't you shoot it. Well for one we don't hunt from the road and two I don't have a gun with me. About that time I realize that we have just seen our very first woodcock. I have seen pics of them but never seen one in person. I hug Gunner and tell him what a great, smart boy he is and he does his little happy butt wiggle dance and we go off up the road. The rest of our walk was uneventful and we get to the top of the road and turn around and start back and go back to the car. As soon as I get home I look online to indeed verify that it was indeed a woodcock. I am so happy and need to work on trusting Gunners nose and not be so sceptical sometimes. After all he is the one with the good nose. It was a good day even with falling down the hill and all.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Sometimes it's the little things...

That mean so much. I was going to go out and see about getting a grouse up but everywhere I usually go there was a truck or two. So I went to the West Side park and was just going to let Gunner play hunt and maybe scare up a dove or two in the harvested corn fields.
We get there and it is great the sun is shining and the wind is not blowing a million miles an hour. Gunner all ready and me looking forward to just stretching my legs. Off we go and about 1/4 mile down the trial we come upon an older Gentleman with an elderly English Setter. The Man sez' "He's looking really good". I thank him and he asks if I remember them. Then a light goes on and I do. We had met about a year ago when Gunner was a little guy and just starting to go on big boy walks. We talk for a bit and he asked if I had seen a starter pistol and holster? I told him I had not. He told me that he and Roger (the dog) had come for a play hunt earlier that morning and he had lost his pistol. Mr. W. said that Roger is 15 yrs old and he can't really hunt any more as he doesn't see very well and has some "Arthur" in his legs but he brings him to work the backs of the cornfield to see if he finds anything and it makes them both happy. As we walked the dogs both ahead sniffing and looking for birds. He told me about his many years of going up to the Dakotas to hunt with Roger and some friends. But not anymore as his family, read kids, worried too much so he and Roger just stayed close to home. He asked me about the E-collar Gunner was wearing and I showed him how it worked and he though it was a lot better than some of the old ways that were so hard. Just about then Gunner slams into a point in a tuft of brush. I'm thinkin' what could be there and about that time the Setter goes into a hard point...actually honoring Gunner. Gunner looked a bit startled but holds for me to get up there. I am thinking please let there be something here...and kick,kick a dove flies up. I don't' know why it held. Maybe it was unsure about the 2 dogs looking at it but anyway. The dogs were happy and after seeing Roger pointing you could see the dog he had been an still was. Just beautiful and calm/serious. Mr.W said, with his voice slightly cracking and a hint of a tear in his eye. "That was beautiful, wasn't it. It has been along time since he has done that" Heck I wanted to cry is was so great to see. My Gunner all shiny coat and clear of eye and Roger older but so calm and confident in himself. We walked a bit longer and then headed back. Both of us quiet for a while. Got back to the parking area and told him I'd keep an eye out for his stuff. And maybe we'd see him again soon.
It was a inspiring day and I wouldn't have missed it for anything.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

We have had a visitor

for the last 2 mornings. A lovely 8 point buck has been coming down into what is left of our garden and having his morning breakfast. He is just beautiful. Of course it is driving Gunner nuts. But he..the buck, seems to know Gunner can't get to him from inside so he just ignores him. That really bugs Gunner. We have been working on his recall again and he seems to be doing fine so far. If the fog ever lifts we will go out and work some Phezzies later this afternoon. He is getting so he holds for longer. Still not super long but at least long enough for me to get there and flush them. He has not be chasing them either. Then again when we do alot of our training alone it makes it easier because there are less distractions for him and me. I need to find some other folks to train with that are not 4 hours away. Until then we are having fun and next week will try to get a few Grouse days in during the week...less deer hunters.
Gordon is still doing well and is to be moved out of ICU today I believe. We are so thankful for the Donor and their family it is a brave and wonderful thing for them to have done.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Sometimes life gets in the way,,

We have had an interesting weekend. It started with a call from My Daughter Missie. She and her Fiancee live in NC. They had gotten a call that they had the double transplant that Gordon needed and had been waiting on for so long. So Gordon was whisked off to the Hospital for his New kidney and pancreas. After 7 or so hours in surgery he is doing just great with it. Still in ICU but getting stronger every minute. And although this will mean a lifetime of anti-rejection drugs it will mean a longer life. As he was truly on the edge of life. We are thankful to the Donor and their family.

Gunner and I have just been running the fields for the past few days and not getting lost.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Now that my heart is beating again..

I can tell you about today's training. I took 2 pigeons down to the "bottoms" to work Gunner. Planted them and he did really well finding them. After they were up and on their way home Gunner and I went down toward the river to let him swim and cool down some. The first place we reached Gunner could go down but not me..too steep. So I called him back and we found another entry point. I had to turn sideways and go a couple of step down to some small tree and then I was going down to the river. Well I took 2 steps and looked back at Gunner standing about 10-20 feet away to call him down. And no Gunner. ??? I climbed back up and called him. No Gunner. He had just disappeared. Not a sound but the wind. I whistled and used the e-collar. Not a sound or sight of my boy. I stood still for a few minutes waiting to see if he would check back in with me like he always does when he gets out of my line of sight. Still nothing. I am worried and started to whistle and call him and walk back up the trail. Maybe he missed me and was heading back up the trail. I was hoping I would get to the bottom of the trail and he would be there messing with the frogs. No Gunner. I looked up toward the way we came. Now I was scared that he would have tried to go home. The reason...we cross a 2 lane road, and a 4 lane highway (US 23) and over the rail road tracks to get to the bottoms. I was terrified that he would try to cross those roads to get home. I ran up the rail bank and looked . Still no Gunner. I don't know how to feel at this point relieved that he is not in the road but scared because by now I have no idea where he is. So I decided to make one more loop looking for him and if I don't' find him to go home and get Thom and some help to search. I get back down to the river trail and am calling him and I hear a male voice..Thom. Calling for me. I yell that I am on the back trail and run out to find him. I get to him and I'm in tears. Trying to tell him about Gunner and how I can't find him. He tells me that Gunner is fine and showed up home about 5 minutes ago and he put him in the house with some water and came to find me. So I feel relieved and a bit afraid to ask if he was truly all right. Yes, he is fine. Tired and confused but fine. I get home and Gunner is very excited to see me like "Momma where were you??"

I don't know if he saw something and chased it and then couldn't figure out where I was and just did the only thing he could figure and come home. I don't really know because it was not like I saw him taking off and called and he did not respond it was like he just disappeared to the point I even wondered if someone had taken him. He was just gone. I am buying a Beeper today so I can at least know which direction to look if he ever gets away like that again but I have to let him have some head room to hunt. So we are home and I am finally breathing again. And he actually started lifting his leg on bushes to mark today. I know,TMI, but I have been waiting for his big boy behaviour to kick in.

Tomorrow we are going to the big field with Thom and do some phez work and it should not be as dramatic.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Dad went with us today

Gunner, Thom and I went down to the "Bottoms" earlier. Just to run and get some exercise. It was nice. Sunny and cool and no bugs!!! Gunner pointed and I flushed up a brown bird..I don't know what it was just a mid-sized brown bird. We also saw about 4 frogs in what was left of a mud puddle. Gunner thought they were interesting but he did come when called to continue on. The leaves are finally starting to change. I fear we will not have a great color year because we did not get enough rain and alot of the leaves seem to be just kind of browning up and falling off. There is some color though. Still waiting for the firewood guy.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Grouse - 3 Me - 0

Gunner and I went out to the Forest at O'dark Thirty this morning to do our first Actual Grouse hunt. I have been doing alot of scouting while training Gunner so I had a pretty good idea where I wanted to start. It was about 34 degrees and foggy this morning. We got out to our first place and would you know it there was a truck already parked there. I don't know if it was a bow-hunter or another grouse person but I moved on to my 2nd choice spot. There was not a soul around. So I got all geared up and Got Gunner out and walked off into the forest. Let me tell you it is a vastly different feeling going out to actually hunt by myself and not to just train. Gunner set off and I kept him a bit close because of the fog and the roughness of the terrain. I figured if we did find the bird they are notoriously spooky and to have a chance I had to keep Mr. Speedy Feet closer. Gunner did great and started to work the hill side and about 20 mins in he starts getting really birdy and just literally slides on the leaves to a stop. Point!! and I whisper "wait,easy,wait" and he does. I walk close and boom out comes a Grouse. I have time and aim...I missed and it was gone. But I was so happy he let me flush and he found it. Off we go and about 3-5 minutes he points again and he holds to let me flush but I still can't get my gun up fast enough so I do not get it either. Before we could go far he points hard and before I can get there a rocket of feathers shoot out sideways almost under poor Gunners chin. He jumps at the bird and he misses and I don't stand a chance to shoot and it is gone. After the Feather Rocket Attack we take a break and have some water and then get back at it. I am tired and I can see Gunner is tiring too and we have a ways to go to get back to the car. So I call it a morning for us.
We get back to the car no incident and I water Gunner and drive home. I get home and my wonderful Hubby has made a great breakfast and my lovely favorite coffee with chock. soy milk in it. I tell him how it goes while I shower and get my PJ's back on and get ready to eat.
We had a great time and Gunner was a champ about the birds. I think it is going to be a fun season. Even with out the game to bring home it still was fun. I didn't take the camera today...too much other stuff to carry. Tomorrow is training day and no hunting because it is Sun. Next week is Muzzle -loading season so no bird hunting for me. Just training. But after gun season for deer I'm back out there and maybe I can get one then....with some target practice.

Monday, October 11, 2010

And then the wheels came off..

at the NA test. We went to Gunners NA test as you all know yesterday. I will attempt to tell you all about it. In that I try to be brutally honest in this blog, posting the good days/times/training and the bad. Also as an Athlete I know you can have the Natural Talent and have trained and sometimes you eat the bear and sometimes the bear eats you. Yesterday we were Bear snacks.
We all got up at 2:30 am and Left for the testing ground about 4 am. Got there right about 7 the drive was dark but uneventful. It was cool at that time...that would change.
Took Gunner over to stretch out his legs and get some relaxed. Me too. The got out his new stake out thing and got him all set up. He was fine with it but was wound tighter than a 2 dollar watch. All the new people and dogs and activity. The meeting was called an the Judges gave out the instructions. The Judges were very nice and helpful and I truly appreciate what they must go through on the 2 days of testing all these different dogs and handlers. So any comments are not a reflection on them. But on myself and my boy.
Were were dog number seven. First test of the day was the field portion. It runs 20 minutes per dog. One at a time. Poor Gunner had to wait about 2-3 hours for his turn then we got to go.
I was worried about alot of things going into this test. As you all know he has had an issue flushing his birds and catching or chasing. But he ALWAYYS points first!! I mean always. Well not on Test day. I will not say that his points are always magazine cover perfect or very long but they are getting longer and more steady. So I was worried about his chasing. Yay he did not do that. But he only pointed twice. Once I know the judge did not see and the other was not very good. We did the test a bit different than I have trained too. That was my fault in being prepared. When we hunt it is more let Gunner lead with his nose and if he gets birdy, you Weim folks know the little tick tock of the tail that tells you. I slow down and he either finds and points or moves on. On this test I had to just keep walking and not really slow. So I felt off and a bit uncomfortable too. Gunner spend alot of time catching up and then running into the brush to hunt. I'll have to work on that. He still should have pointed because he did find a couple birds.
We got to the second part of the field and he was tired and even laid down under some shade.I have never seen him lay down and we work some hard terrain in the afternoon heat. After that he did bump up 2 pheasant hens and one chukara. Again he did not chase. I don't think by then he cared. Never saw that before either. He was not bad about his recall until he was truly bad. I let him get way to far out in some deep cover and away he went. I was so nervous I could hardly call him back and I did not hunt him with confident like normally. So his terrible score of a 1 in Pointing and I think either a 2 or 3 in Cooperation was partly/mostly my fault. I felt bad about it and like I let Gunner down. He did look happy for most of the field by the end he just wanted to get in the pond and get cool.
The rest of the dogs went after us and I think most of them did stellar. Then we had lunch.
After lunch it was the Track portion. The Judges were very helpful and I credit them for helping me get Gunner going in not to excited. Even though we did have to wait on another bird to track. Out first one got to hot and had to be taken back to the pen. Anyway I did as the Judges instructed and after letting him smell the feather pile the first 2 times before I let him go he was a bit distracted but the third time was the charms and I released him softly with not a sound and off he went like a little tick tock tail vacuum cleaner. Not running in circle or all over just tick, tick to the edge of the woods. He went in and I hoped he would find it and point but he did not find it and after he looked for a bit came back out and I swear as he went by Judge Tony L. He looked up like OK?? and came back to me and we exited the hot and windy field. Gunner got a 4 in the Tracking. That is the best you can get and I was feeling better. Then we waited for the rest of the dogs to do theirs.
Then it was time for the Water part. And my now water loving dog was happy and excited to do this. We got down to the water and the Judges once again gave instruction and I threw the first dummy and Gunner just flew after it. I actually threw it too far. Not for Gunner but the Judge said you dont have to throw it that far. Gunner brought it back and I threw again and he did great. He snagged an extra bumper while I was taking him up the bank for his physical exam. But he gave it to me not a problem. Gunner got a 4 in this as well. Then they checked his teeth. Gunner did OK with this . No growling and let the judge look at them. They checked his coat and he was squirmy and he was not happy about them checking the testes. Again he didn't growl or anything bad but he didn't like it either.
We were done and just had to wait for the Judges to total up the scores. Some of our dogs did great. Andrew, Out test sec.s Dog ,I believe got a 112 prize 1. I was happy and very nice guy from Penn got a 110 prize 1 too. Gunner got an 87 I think..I think because I was a little upset. I knew that we did not do well on the field I was expecting not a good score. It was upsetting all the same. I also was trying not to be a girl and cry so I'll have to wait to get the rest of the numbers but I do know we did not prize. I was a long drive home and Gunner was crashed out all the way home. And when we got home he got a treat, a White Castle Hamburger, for doing everything I asked him too. Clearly and with confidence. I can't ask him for any more than that . He is a good dog and I know he points...I don't really truly know what happened to it yesterday but we will just move on from here and do some hunting and some training and look towards the future and the UT and his AKC stuff. If you stuck it out this far I want to thank you all for your support and my emotions are a bit tender this morning. Thanks to all th eguys and ladies of MId-Ohio and especially Ron B who has helped Gunner and I alot. And he if I drive him nuts he at least doesn't show it to me and is very helpful. Thanks to Bill for being very calming. Gunner is tired but his usual self and we will go run later. I'm disappointed in me..not in Gunner, but will keep moving forward.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Bloody tongue but we had fun

We went out to Odell Creek and went up some of the hiking trails there. To scout and also to just get some exercise. It was beautiful and cool. The leaves are starting to change and they coat the ground making it quiet to walk. They are wet and woodsy smelling. The first trail was pretty steep or at least it seemed that way to me. The second was nice and cool and darkish. The good thing about it being cooler. No bugs. Gunner was great and just ran up ahead and into the side forest along the trail. If he gets to far ahead he just runs back to me or waits for me to catch up.
After the trails I took him in the big fields. The grass is tall and I sent him to look for birds. He worked the field but we didn't find any birds. Gunner found some deer poop. Which I called him off of. The he runs up to me and looks like a horror show...his mouth and face and upper chest are covered in blood. He is acting fine so I make him sit. I find a small cut on his tongue. Probably from the grasses and briar's. He runs with it hanging out so I guess it gets stuck some. I rinsed his mouth and checked him out. All the while he is wanting to go and run some more. It stops and we head back to the car and call it a day. Today you can't even tell where it was injured. I guess they don't make a tongue guard. That would be weird.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Only 6 Days..

Until the NA Test. Are we nervous?? Well I am but Gunner is having a ball. Today we took the chukars out to the forest field. Thom hid 3 of them and one got away and flew up on a hillside. Gunner and I went for a walk while Thom planted the birds. On our walk through the fields Gunner pointed a nice "dickey bird". After about 10 min. we headed back down the road toward the bird field. Told Gunner to "find" and off he went. Thom doesn't make it easy. Had to climb over a big log...Gunner just hops over it. He is out a bit in front. and it is a little hard to see him. He points and holds. The bird flies. Gunner chased for about 20-30 feet and I call him and he comes back. Tell him to "find" and he is off again determined and then his little nubbin' tail starts to go in that now recognizable pattern when he is on a bird. Then WAM...point. He holds but due the tall grass and briars I can't get there and the bird again flies. Gunner chases a bit but comes right back. So off again through a ditch...did I mention that my Loving Hubby planted these birds. And then through some more briar's. He hits point again and this time I can get there and flush it. Gunner gives chase but less than before. Gunner is now covered in grass seed and bits of leaves and stuff but his doggie face is just so happy. Thom sez' you wanna see if he can find the one that flew up the hillside. Sure I said. And sent my lovely boy up the hillside. Did you ever see Sleeping Beauty, with the Prince hacking through all the thorns and briar's...that is what that hillside was like. I could have used a Sword. Gunner was game and just followed his nose back and forth up the hillside. He points hard at a brier thicket. I get there and bless him he is still at point but wanting to get in the brush. I look but don't see anything. Gunner is insistant, so I Send him in the brush and follow him in. He is right at ground level and I still don't see anything. So I get even closer and am about to pull him out and off figuring the bird or what ever has moved and he is on old scent. Right about then the Chukar moves and Gunner goes to get him. That crazy chukar was actually buried under the leaves. Gunner does grab him but gives him right to me when I ask.

I was amazed that he found this bird and amazed that it buried itself under the leaves like that. So we went back down the hillside. Gunner nimble and just flowing down. Me crashing down like a crippled bear. We got back to the road and he was happy and I was too. Excited that he did so well today. Then we went to the pond and did some retrieves. He did great and not a problem. We ended with a short hike to dry the Gunner-man off and them home to pic thorns out of me. Gunner didn't get any. Tomorrow is just an exercise day. I am so proud of him handling that territory like an experienced cover dog.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Of bumpers, birds and balance

Well the weather changed and it is wonderful. This past week has been busy so I'll just give a brief update on what we have been up to.
Thurs 23rd: Forest bird work
Fri 24th: "bottoms" running
Sat 25th: Lake and water work
Sun 26th: West Side part and bird Launchers
Mon. 27th Home, Launcher, tracking
Tues. 28th:"Bottoms" running
Wed 29th: Lake, Lampblack trail, running and water work
Today: bird work
Tomorrow is bird work with Launchers out at Naces Run
Sat is NAVHDA training day.
We have been trying to do something every day including, "hold and Give" work. He is doing pretty well.
I am still not sleeping super well, going over stuff in my mind for his test.
I have decided to move his JH AKC Hunt test to the one in Dec that way Thom can come too.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Houston we have launch..

Well maybe. If the bird handler, AKA, my loving Hubby Thom. Remembers to turn on the launcher. We went out to Nace Run early this morning to work Gunner with the new launchers and some Chukars. It was nice and cool and a very slight breeze. Perfect to find birds. I dropped Thom, the birds and launchers at the big field and then Gunner and I drove back down the road to park and get ready.

Gunner was excited already. He gets that way when his Dad comes with us. So I put Gunner in "heel" off lead and we did some drills and walked towards the field. Got to the field and I told him to find the birds. So off he went. A few yards out he caught scent of the first bird. Followed it right to the launcher. About 6-10 feet out he locked up. Great!! He was holding so I started to approach. I got about 2 feet from the launcher and he started to move. Ok...I push the button.....

nothing and Gunner creeps in. I push it again....nothing. So Gunner starts to move in to get the bird. I back up some and call him off the bird to me and Thom asks Why aren't you launching??

I'm trying but it's not working. So Thom manually released the bird. Gunner stood still and the bird flies.

We wonder what to do now. Do I release Gunner to find the other launcher or what? I tested them before we left and they were fine and I even labeled them so I wouldn't use the wrong button for the wrong releaser. So I take Gunner a bit away he is happy but slightly confused. Gunner and I got up the hill a bit so Thom can check the Launchers. Mystery solved, If you don't turn it on it will not work. So he checks the other one and turns it on.

I release Gunner and get ready. He finds the bird, points and holds. I walk up and he holds. I hit the release and he chases for about 6 feet and after I am sure he is clear I fire the 12 ga. Well, in a perfect world I could say I hit it and he retrieved but, as anyone who has ever tried to hit a small bird with a shotgun it is not easy and the shooter is not the best either. I missed and the bird got away. "no Bird" and Gunner comes back to me. We run around some more and then I did some much needed target practice. We walked back to the car. I had Thom put Gunner in a "heel " and walk back tot he car. He did well with Thom too.

So recap for Gunner today... 2 good points, 1 good flush, no reaction to shotgun (when fired at the birds or later when I did some target practice before going back to the car)

Recall was good and he "heeled" for both Thom and I no Check Cord.
Tomorrow is water day. Later today is more retrieve and release to me training.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

And the day was good

Gunner and I went out in the forest today. We were going to do some launcher work but Thom was having some back issues so he couldn't go. So I decided to move the launcher work to tomorrow.

It was still just a bit foggy when we left the house and headed out to Nace Run. Past the house with the hounds, laying around their houses like lazy teens on a Sat morning. Paws hanging out door and one was even upside down asleepon top of his dog house. Like Snoopy.

We rode up the gravel and dirt road. Lots of leaves starting to pile in the corners of the road. Parked at our spot and started getting ready. I sure have alot of stuff to carry, good thing the dog handler vest has lots of pockets. Unclipped Gunner from his CC and had him fall in at my knee to "heel" up the road a ways. He did great and we worked on his "wait" when we would stop. Then a quick tap and an OK and he was off trotting up the road. Left to right and left again. The acorn were falling like rain and it was hard for me to tell if it was a bird, squirrel or deer. Usually Gunner would look but not really care so it was just acorns. Once on a trail he hit a hard point and I followed as much as possible down the slope. But got stopped by the briar's and bushes. I had to call him off and he was good and came up to me and we headed backup. He went up like no problem. Me on the other hand was not so easy. He was waiting at the top for me. Big ole' Wolfie grin on his face. I think he was laughing at me. I'm not sure though. We covered alot of the new trail and left our markers. This time Mr. Helpful didn't pull them for me. We headed back after about an hour and found the road and started towards the car. I did call him in to "heel" some and then released him. Went a ways then did it again. Finally the car came into sight. Let him just head to the car in his own pace. Got some more water and started home. We were about 2 minutes down the road and saw a big snake in the road. I stopped and watched it for a few minutes and it didn't move. So I got out and got a big stick and made sure that is was indeed dead. Gunner had to stay in the car. It was a copper head, pretty big. About maybe 14-18 inches. Deader than a hammer. No signs of trauma so maybe a hawk dropped it or something. One of the many lovely creatures on the Forest that we have to be so careful of.

We got home and had some lunch and then we worked on the retrieve and release. He retrieves great but the release is still not good. So concentrated work on that. Looking forward to working the launchers tomorrow. My hunter boy is curled up under my feet and all is right in his world. And in Mine too.

Friday, September 10, 2010

No Check cord!!!

Today is a great day for Gunner. After I worked this morning came home and had some lunch. Then decided to take Gunner to Naces Run to work his recall and burn some energy. Thom decided to come with Us. We usually go just us but it was nice to have him there. And Gunner was just so good. I took the check cord off today and let him loose. He went a few yards up the dirt road and stopped and waited for us to catch up then went about his business sniffing and all. He would go up a bit and wait or come back to us. I wanted to show how good he is about coming so I let him get up ahead and he looked back and I waved him on. Waited a minute or so and 2short blast on the whistle and back he comes flying. It was great he just slides to a stop right in front of us. Thom looked amazed. Then we went into the field. The leaves are starting to turn and there were alot of those little flying hopping grasshoppers around. we searched the field and didn't scare up anything so we went up the logging clear-cut path. Gunner leading and stopping and coming back. Checking all the bushes and brier patches for bird smell. We got to the big log across the path. I didn't say anything. Gunner looked at me and I just waved him on and he started running and just sailed over that log. It is thigh high on me and I'm 5'9"-5'10. He didn't even break stride. I heard Thoms slight intake of breath. I know he was worried he couldn't clear it. But he just flew over, ran up the hill and I whistled him back and he did it again on the down hill. Just a beauty. The field was warm and sunny and the wind was kickin' a bit. Didn't find any birds today. We started back to the road and I called Gunner and put him at the "Heel" Check Cord. Walked toward the dirt road and kept him at "heel" for about 3 or 4 minutes. Off leash then released him. He trotted up the road and we went to the car. We had some water. Gunner drank some and then did his usual lay on the bowl and make mud. Everyone piled int he car and Thom turned to me and said something so nice. ..."You've been working hard with him and it shows. He is amazing and I bet Ron (my training guy) would be surprised at just how good he is doing" Then he said we should stop at 2nd street feed and get Gunner a bell. It will make it easier to hear where he is in the bush and grass. Thom went in and ordered him one and it will be here Mon. It was a truly red letter day. I'm very proud of my Gunner and very Thankful for my great Hubby.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Only draggin' 12 feet

of check cord. Today we went out to play and look over a new bit of training ground and trail. I used the shorter 12 foot check cord today instead of the 35 foot one. Whittling it down ever so slowly to no check cord. It was cool and a little damp on this trail. It is a horse trail and the horse people are so good about keeping their trails marked and not messed up. No ATVs or vech. of any kind so the terrain is still very natural. Gunner did just great. (Shh. we won't tell him so he doesn't get a big head) But he would run out a ways and then every so often he would either stop and check back to see me or run back and see me. I used the whistle today to call him back. He understood it really well and it carries farther than my voice and also has no tone. Like if I get a little Momma-ish and think he is too far away. If I call sometimes I know he can hear it in my voice. The whistle doesn't have the very slight tone of worry in it. Every time I recall him, he would come just speeding back. He was good about going in the brush and over some rocks and things to sniff around. We didn't find any birds. We did meet a guy hiking. And he was good about how to approach Gunner to pet him. Actually asked if it would be alright. Maybe because when he first came with in sight Gunner came back to me and barked very defensively at him. I had him sit and wait until the man came a bit closer. That is when we talked at a distance and I didn't get any weird vibes from him so I let him pet Gunner. He must know about dogs too because other than asking he also squatted down and turned sideways and stuck out his hand to Gunner. Gunner gave him the once over and then when he pulled in his hand Gunner sniffed his ears and hat and then let him pet him. I love meeting up with someone who knows how to approach a dog. It was a nice meeting and he went up the trail and we went back down. Gunner is doing great with his off lead work and I am getting more sure of his recall. Makes it easier and more fun for the both of us. As we got near the car I called him to me and "heeled" him to the car. Now he is eating an ice cup and watching me type. This are some pic I took. They are a bit dark because it was shady on the trail.

Monday, September 6, 2010

A bird in the hand..

Is not in that danged thicket. Gunner and I went out to the forest today. Early. It was cold enough for long pants. But as the sun broke out the sky was that bright blue of Fall and it was just beautiful. I didn't take any birds with us today as I wanted to work on recall and let him just see what we could find.

So off we went up the dirt road to the clear cut field. Up and over the dirt bank and into the field. I decided on the upper trail first. Mostly to tired speedy out some and that way he could settle down some. All that energy is sometimes not great for focus. Upward we went. Didn't see anything but it was nice just the same to be out. Heard some hounds off in the distance. They were pretty far away and I think prob. at some of the houses along the way to the forest proper. They were not moving.

Gunner and I got to the top of the hill and I dropped the check cord and just let him be. Told him to "Find Bird" and off we went. I know I go on alot about how beautiful he is and how he moves but today in the early light and him flowing over the clear-cut like mercury. At speed first, up and over a thigh high log and back to me. Then slower and more deliberate looking for that bird.

Down the lower cut. He minded very well. I'd let him go a way and then call him back. He would stop and come right back. A couple of times I just changed directions and waited a few steps to see...shortly a gray streak would flow by and turn back and stop right in front of me. Big puppy grin on his face. He was up in front again and at locked up point. I walked slowly towards him at an angle and got right to him . Gave him a easy wait and stepped in front to kick in the brush to see what he had. I always look. We have skunks, and rattlers here. Glad I looked. It was a huge...pumpkin sized paper wasp nest. I grabbed his collar and we left quickly the other direction. I was elated...not at almost kicking a wasp nest but he held still for me to walk up.

We had been at it about an hour so we headed back towards the road and car to get something to drink and see how much time I had until I had to be back.

At the car we both had a nice drink and Gunner decided to lay in his bowl after he drank some. I guess he was cooling off.

We still had some time so we went to the smaller field.

Again he was loose and started with a "Find bird" and he was off . Back and forth, left and right. There are alot of tulip trees sapling and wild rose, and berry bush thickets here. He started his little fast wag I knew he was on to something. Hoping not another wasp. He had his head in the thicket and at point. I walked slowly. It was hard to be slow and calm but I didn't want him to rush in. Slowly, slowly approach off to the one side. He stayed locked up. I peered into the thicket and heard some rustling. Saw something move and a flash of brown. Grouse!! It hit the open air and was gone. Like a dream, or hallucination. And Gunner stood still. Our first grouse. It was so magic and so great and I can't stop grinning.

We just stood there for a second and Gunner was just looking at me like " Can we go find something else now" Silly boy. doesn't even know how great and rare that was. Tomorrow I 'm taking a couple of the chukar to plant. Fingers crossed he won't rush them but I have devised a plan. Looking forward to tomorrow.

PS this is not the grouse we saw just a pic of a grouse.

Friday, August 27, 2010

At the top of his neck..yeah but

Gunner has a neck like a Giraffe. I put it up. He holds his head nice and high. Walking great. Then oops, it is down and we are pulling a little ahead. Stop, re-adjust, good for a little. Stop, re-adjust....rinse, repeat. Arrrgh! He is doing better but it took about 30 mins to go about 2 miles. I think we are going to walk more often during the day when we can. Like early morning, lunch and after dinner. And also do training. Do I have a life?? Well, I guess I can get up earlier. Going to do bird stuff later after I mow today. It is nice today, that is my positve though for the day. LOL

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

It is Wed and that should mean bird day

But today it doesn't. We were going to take a couple of Phezzies out and work Gunner but some stuff came up. So we will try to get out there on Fri. Did a fairly nice run this morning and he minded better on the collar than the harness. Also will be working on the Table later. His whoa/wait is getting pretty good on the table. Enough so that if I put him up there and drop the ball on the floor I can walk away and he won't move to get it until I say to. I have still having to treat him to get the ball. Heck with the treats he literally spits the ball at me. So we will just keep at it. I am still worried about his NA. I keep telling myself that it is an Ability test and he is not supposed to be trained or totally broke. Then I hear how great someone else is doing and broke their puppy was for his/her test and I get worried. I try not to worry about it too much after all it is not like if I don't do as well as I want they will take Gunner to a better trainer. I just want him to do as well as he can and I know he is just a great pup.

Did the Table work. He did really well and "Wait" until I released him to either get the ball I threw or just to come. Did use the cucumber, carrot and tomato treat to get him to "Give" the ball. Hoping tomorrow to get some water work done.

This is a pic of Gunner after he put himself on the Table yesterday.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Wait/Whoa, What??

It is Monday again. We have the day off. Yay!! Still have to go to my second home Lowes for some stuff to work on Thom's loft.

Have not totally finished the training table but mostly and enough to use it. So it is Table Time for Gunner. He is doing pretty well most of the time with his Wait/Whoa. Not totally though. Sometimes he just stops then comes back to me and looks like "What, and why are we stopping" I have been even "Waiting" him on the yard birds just to use any opportunity I get to reinforce the command. So that is what we are doing bird training wise.

We also have a 3 mile run/walk to get done today. Had fun yesterday and am teaching him that pulling can be done while running "Mush" but when we "Wait" I call him back and we "Heel" on the walk parts. He seems to be mostly getting it. I just have to remember to give the command. :) It seems like I have to be training as much as he is. I'll report later how it goes

We.. Thom, Gunner and I got the training table finished. He was not afraid at all and went right up. Now I have to actually start Wait/Whoa training him. Going to watch my NAVHDA DVD and get it straight in my mind and then it is drill time for Mr.Speedy Feet. I'm putting up a couple of pics and one Video. He gets a bit excited and rushing some.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Starting My training today

I offically started training again.
Training plan and everything.
Gunner and I did the local 5K running race route.
Just to see how out of shape I am. Well, we had fun. I was slow and it was not very great but it is a first run in the books. Gunner wore his harness so he could pull on the running parts and walk at heel for the walking parts. He did great and even got to meet a bunch of children. They were good and approched only so far and then let Gunner come up to them. He even let them pet him. He is not super socialized but I am hoping that the running and biking will help with that as there are usually other people around.
We are doing bird work tomorrow. It was supposed to be today but the weather looks a bit iffy. I don't mind and Gunner doesn't either but the Hubby really doesn't want to mess around in the rain. Thom took a pic of us before our run. Man, I'm chubby. Working on that.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Work and play

It's Sat and we had to work this morning. Oh well that is just how it goes when you work for yourself and the weather and stuff gets you. So we went in early and now home for Brunch and then off to work Gunner in the forest. Just a play day as we are doing birds tomorrow morning. I received my Cabelas catalogs today!! Whoo Hoo hunting stuff. I have to look for some chaps for my chubby butt. :) I have pretty much decided against the chest protector for Gunner after seeking advice from some other hunter people. It is cooler but looks like rain. At least it is not as hot as the face of the sun like that last couple of weeks.

Oscar the Pheasant cock is looking really pretty now that he is starting to get his adult feathers in. He just has some of his head green but the chest and all is filling out nicely. Pretty bird...even if he is a big old grouch. He was really grouchy this morning when I didn't have any squash for him and the hens. But they did get Kale and some bugs that were munching on the kale. I figure they are good protein for the birds and an Eco friendly means of pest control.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Pink tape and new tricks

Gunner has learned some new tricks today. I am so amazed sometimes at how quick he can be when he wants to. We went out to the forest today to just scout for birds. I decided to go off trail onto some less used old logging paths and deer paths. When I do this I always mark one side of the trail every so often with Pink Fluorescent Line tape. That way I don't get turned around or lost. And I use the pink because that way I know it is mine...the guys around here would not be caught dead using pink tape. They seem to prefer the Orange. LOL It was nice and cool. But also brushy and prickly. I think I found every kind of pricker bush and vine and tree today. Gunner does well and just charges forward sniffing, and sniffing. We did not find any birds today. Gunner did find some deer poop. Why do dogs like this stuff? He doesn't bother any other kind of poop but deer and rabbit. Any way we went for about 45 minutes one way and then headed back. Now when I go back I collect my tapes. Today Gunner started to help me collect them. He was running a bit ahead and pulling them loose and bringing them to me. Well, I thanked him and then had to correct him every time he would get close to one. The first time I told him no he looked so hurt...Like Momma I just found these you lost and am bringing to you. What a face. After about 3 corrections he figured I could just get them myself and would barely slow down for me to untie them. But he did check back frequently so he must not have been too put out. I took just a few pics to compare how foggy it was this morning. The clear shot of the landscape was a couple of weeks ago. The foggy one and the trees are from today. Well off to shower my poison ivy dog and myself. Then off to work.
Got home from work earlier. Did some heeling work and some recall. He is getting pretty good. Tried to do a track with a few feathers. He did find them but I think he saw me. I am going to do some bird work this weekend with the pheasants. Looking forward to it

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Why is it raining today?

First of all I want to thank everyone who reads and posts on my blog. I am having a problem responding to your messages. But I do appreciate them and will figure out what I am doing wrong. Please be patient with I get tech savvy enough. :)

So I check the weather this morning. Like I do every morning. To help plan what the day will hold. They say not rain here until later this afternoon, if at all. Look at the Radar, looks good. So I go to work. To remove and replace the tiles on the pool deck I'm doing this month. Get to the job, get set up and start. Then about an hour into the starts raining. First just a drizzle then down it comes so I just sit there and finish removing the tile. Hey, at least it is not hot.
but I can not set the new tile down until it get dried up. So here's hoping tomorrow is not wet.

On the training side. We went out at 6 am to get our walk in before I left for work. Gunner did pretty well on his Heel on the walk. Did have some corrections but not too bad. We will be going out later with a Pheasant in harness to work some on the track. He is resting up for his afternoon workout. And Yay, it did stop raining about 10 minutes ago and it is only supposed to be like 75 degree today!!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Attack of the crawfish LOL

Today we went to Shawnee State Park to get some water work in. It was simply beautiful this morning. Cool and mostly sunny. With a bit of fog on the hills. Very nice. Gunner and I got out and did a few sit,wait, stand, wait and heel drills. Then I stood on the CC while gearing up. I look over and Gunner has something pointed on the grass about 2oo yards form the water. So I hustle over to see what it is, hoping it is not a snake. It was not a snake but a Crayfish making his way in orderly fashion to the water. Orderly until this gray menace got in his way. I called Gunner off and took his little tough self pictures. Then he went on his way, determined and probably muttering something about gray things and giants.

Went at heel to the field and let him search. He found a good trail a couple of time and pointed about 3 times. The one in the grass he let me approach and a little bird flew up. He wanted to chase and did take about half a dozen steps but he did not rush it while on point. The second was a nice point, I got up to him and could not see into the brush and down the steep incline but do believe there was a bird there. Called him off. The other one he or I didn't find anything.

So we went down to the Lake and Yay!! it was ok to swim. So we did retrieved and he did pretty well. Still wanting to hold the bumper but he is bringing it right back to me now and not trying to speed by me. Did a nice Heel all the way back to the car. Then he ran around a bit before we headed home. All in all a much better day...oh yeah, he did well with some standing "Wait" while I walked away..first time for him to get it in one try. Good Boy Gunner.

Monday, August 16, 2010

It's Mon and not a great training day, so far

It's a Mon. all around. Took Gunner out to train with 2 pigeons. Thom went with us. So of course Gunner had a bad day. He wouldn't listen and was just crazy. I don't know if it was the slightly cooler temps or the guy that showed up with 3 off leash beagles. Normally there is no one there this early in the morning. But not today. I should have taken it as a sign, that and Gunner was just being impossible. Did I?? Nooo. I had Thom plant the pigeons and we set out to find them. Well he had a hard time finding the first one and then it was just sitting there in front of a tree. He did point, briefly, before he grabbed it. (I have video but it is not great ) I was in the wrong place and couldn't control him. Bad Mom. The second bird, took off just as we got to where Thom planted it. So I guess he will show up home after a bit.
To try to salvage the day we did some retrieves and he did alright with that. Not great but it is just one of those days. If it stays some cooler today, it will be a 2 day training day. Do they make Ritalin for dogs...or maybe it is me. Oh well I guess a bad day just happens every so often. I'll be doing bird work again Wed. Tomorrow is swim day if the lake is alright to swim in.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Man, its' hot...

So today we were working on the Pheasant pen. It is coming along nicely and they are going to love it. As much as a bird loves anything. They are doing fine and looking good in their temp. pen. I have been giving them produce out of the garden in the morning to supplement their Pheasant food. They love corn on the cob so they get the little ears or the older ones. And it gives them something to do. I was sitting outside last eve and they were talking to each other and the Rooster, Oscar, was calling them. His name is Oscar because he is grouchy. I love the soft little noises the hens make. I can see where they may be the descendants of the dinosaurs because if you look closely at Oscar he looks and acts like a VelociRaptor
Going to go to the forest and work with some pigeons and Gunner tomorrow morning. It is hard sometimes because of the heat and humidity.

Monday, August 9, 2010

A new week and a new focus...

I am going to really try to blog more and better. Today we re-started Gunners "heeling" After the Sat. training day and some..actually lots, of help from Ron B.
I am going to do the drills and get him heeling constantly. And when I saywe I mean Me. Went out to the West Side Park. Got parked and started out. Kept him at the heel until we got to the part that I wanted him to search for birds and run around. He did pretty well. Trying to remember to "pop" and sideways not up or back. I say it is Gunner learning but it is as much me learning.
We skirted the edge of the soybean field and the corn field. He had a nice point on some kind of brown bird and actually did not rush it and I got there and flushed it up. I also found the perfect more close spot to plant birds for him. Good cover but not too much and big enough so it is not just right in his face.
On the way back toward the car, I put him in Heel and started. He was still being bossy about it so we just went different ways and I also discovered the quickest way to get his attn. besides the "pop" is to change in direction right into him. He has to pay attn. or get stepped on. So we just took our time and he was doing really well by the time we got almost all the way back . So while he was going well. I stopped, he sat and then I told him he could check out the edge of the field to the car. It was really foggy and wet but at least at 7:30 a.m. it was cooler. Going to work birds hopefully Wed.
Pheasants are doing well and settling in.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Gunner is 10 months today

Gunner is 10 months today. And he started his E-collar training. Had his first session and did well. The first time I used it he was like, just looking around but not at all startled. Did a short session just as directed in the Training with Mo book. We have been wearing it for about 2 weeks but not actually using it. I tried it on my neck first before I used it on him. It didn't hurt or even shock. More like a little poke. So onward and up ward. It is not raining today and is supposed to be nice this week. So we will definitely get out and do some bird work this week.

Friday, May 21, 2010

It's another week gone

It is Friday again. We didn't post much this week. Gunner and I have been working on his recall and did swim a few times. The rain is just getting to be too much. We did have a dry day yesterday but I had to spend it doing all the outside stuff I have not been able to do because of the rain. And now it it raining again. Arrrgh!! I will be going out to the forest either later today or tomorrow to see all the Triathlete's doing the TTT. I am sad I am not doing it but I was really a slacker this Winter when I should have been training. So Gunner and I are going out in the rain to watch and wish them well.
More later.....I hope

Monday, May 17, 2010

It is raining...again..

Ok enough of the rain already. I know we need rain but really???? I did not get the grass mowed but it is green and growing. Better put Gunners safety orange collar on so I don't lose him in the grass. I am going to start incorporating my Triathlon training with Gunners training. This should be interesting. Like today..I have an hour bike workout and a 30 min run. So we will run/walk and he can watch me ride the trainer. And then if it ever stops raining I am going to work on him tracking one of the Pheasant Hens. If it doesn't stop raining...well, I guess we can just work on recall and heel.
Got the bike part of my day done. Now it is off to tile, actually remove old tiel so I can put the new tile down tomorrow. Then it is time to run with Gunner....actually it will be more of a run/walk. Keeping an eye on the knee..mine not his.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

2 Days in a row...

In the water. Yesterday was beautiful and we got out to the lake. There were people in the swim area so we went to the feeder stream that was next to the Long term Hiking parking. It was about waist deep for me. Gunner did pretty well. We discovered that he does not like Cheetos in the water. But the birds do. And that when I ask him to jump off the bank into the deeper water...he will try to jump on me. Like a life raft. I was not going to get "all" wet. HaHaHa. He is getting braver about the swimming.
Then we went out again this morning early and there were no swimmers. So we went in the lake. He does like Hot Dogs in the water. So he did swim just a little more and he was amazed when I ducked under water and re-appeared right next to him. We saw some Triathletes getting ready for next weeks big race and then saw a couple of Triathletes this morning. Now my Swimming Gunner-man is napping. It is bird day tomorrow if it doesn't rain too hard after work.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

New week training continues...

It's raining...again. But we are just training anyway. As a smart person told me, we hunt and test in the rain. So we train in the rain. Gunner does not mind the rain and I guess I won't melt.

Going to register for Gunner's NA in Sept with the Buckeye Chapter. If we have one in Oct that gives me an option in case he does not do well. I fully expect him to do great but understand after racing in Triathlons sometimes it is just not your day. So it is good to have a 2nd option. We already went out for 15-20 minutes in the rain to work the "recall-heel-fetch" Our lovely across the street neighbor has a much bigger side yard then we do and he graciously lets me work Gunner there. Also no birds to distract my boy. I know some distraction are good but the pigeons and the Pheasants still tend to move his focus some. Getting better.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I'm going to get those Geese..

Today was water day for Gunner. So we went out to the lake. It was warm and sunny. The water was cold, not freezing but cold just the same. I took 3 different types of bumpers to work him with. He did great and ran right in the water, no hesitation. He swam just a bit and was good about bringing it back. Not so great about giving it up though. Took him off the check cord to swim that went well. Went we got ready to go back to the car, I put him on the check cord but did not hold it. He was doing so well just running around but not getting too far away and coming back when called.. He, the 4 Canada Geese across the little stream. He pointed them so pretty. .....then he was off. Through the stream and after those big geese. I was thinking..oh no, they will bite him. Well they did not bite him. They flew away. Toward the forest.

With Gunner in hot, he can run...Called him "Come", no response, "Gunner come" nothing...he was focused. I was scared. I was thinking he will not stop and I can't make him and they are so far away. Just then as we were running to get the car to try to catch up with him. Here comes the Geese back toward the Lake...Gunner running after them still, like a Grey bullet. He ran right up to us and the Geese flew to the lake and settled in. I was so happy and aggravated at the same time. Happy, he came back. Aggravated that I should have had his E-collar on him. He had a ball and was tired but glad to see us. I think if they had been flying faster or smaller targets he would have listened but they were just fast enough that he though he could catch them.

He is sleeping now dreaming, I'm sure of catching those geese.

Monday, May 3, 2010

First NAVHDA training day

It rained. It was super fun and Gunner was so good. We got to Delaware training grounds a few minutes late. Due to my slow driving and the rain. Gunner was great and this was the longest car ride he had been on. Met Jeremy from WA and the rest of the group. Had a brief discussion in the rain and then people started splitting off to do what they were doing. I was not sure what to do and Jeremy helped us. We got our birds and Jeremy got some too. They were big Pheasant hens. I was a little worried as Gunner has only worked pigeons and this birds are much bigger than that. But Jeremy did his wings and we let Gunner play and chase him some. He loved it and after being a bit hesitant, he realized that "Hey this is fun" Jeremy planted the 4-5 birds out in the field and we let Gunner go. He just put his nose down and started searching. He found the first one fairly quick. He flash pointed and then bumped and caught it. But he did bring it back to me and let me have it. He continued to find the other birds getting more confident with each time. It was also the first time I have let him go off away from me and at one point he was way away and I was worried but I called him "Come" and he did.

Jeremy let Smokey out. Smokey is his very beautiful adult female Weim. She worked with Gunner in the field. They did well. It was fun and Gunner was so happy and excited. It rained the whole time but it was still nice. Gunner slept most of the way home. He was wiped out but in a good way.

Friday, April 30, 2010

The injuries list...

Kind of like a bucket list. But it already happened and you do not want it.
Yesterday when getting ready to go out for our training Gunner, who is very helpful, helped me tie my shoes. By conking me right in the eye I have a 1/2 black eye. Then later we were down at the "girls" house and I was moving a picnic bench and stuck my finger on some wood. It hurts, not much to look at but it does hurt. The good news is that the big bruise from 2 weeks ago is almost gone. The bruise is from getting in the way of Gunner and Mollie we see a trend here. I think I need more insurance. LOL Today we are just going to the park and play. We are getting ready to go tomorrow to our training day. And we get to meet another Weim and her Dad there. Momma is very excited...Gunner, well he gets excited about just anything. Hopefully I won't have any injuries to report from tomorrow.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

It's Wed. again...just thinking

It is supposed to be really nice if a bit cool this afternoon. Should be nice for our walk/run. As I was watching Gunner point a little bird in the bushes, I was thinking. It was just a few short months ago that he started pointing stuff. Having never had a pointing dog at first I thought that he has something wrong with his front leg. I know it sounds dumb now but at the time after losing a dog to cancer and being so careful to get a healthy puppy. I was worried, so I mentioned to to my Hubby. He has had exposure to bird dogs, but he was sweet about it and asked when he was doing it and were there any birds or things around..well, yes there were usually some sort of bird close by. Ah Ha..then and there I got it. As he got a bit older and pointed more I loved to see him point and be intense on the bird. So now we are training to me actually because he is hard wired to do so. It is amazing how things come to be. Now we are all about birds and Hunter orange. Like I said it is going to be a nice day.
We just got back from our socialization time. Our good friend Sonie and her Mollie couldn't make it so we went by ourselves. Gunner met a Momma Pug and her 10 week old baby. He was great and very gentle with them. They look so little next to him. He even let the pugs owners pet him. They said he was very velvety. It was sunny and nice. He was great about the bikes and runners. What a good boy.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

It's water day again....

It is still drizzlings some still. But that is OK we are getting wet in the lake anyway. I may get some Cheetos or cheeseballs to help him swim deeper. Our friend Roy send Gunner some new dummies with knobbies on them and a launcher. We need to get the shot things to work the launcher but the regular knobbies we can use in the lake today.
I am also getting a little nervous about our first training day with the NAVHDA on Sat. Gunner is not nervous.
We went out to the forest to get in the lake. It was cloudy and wet. It also was cold so we didn't stay for long.

Monday, April 26, 2010

It's a new week

It's raining again. Maybe I need to work on Gunners swimming. :) I have worked out our schedule for the week. I mostly got everything done last week. Mostly...

So this week looks like:

Mon: G-Social walk/run Sonie & Mollie, Me-Bike

Tues: G-Water work Me-swim

Wed: G-Social walk/run Sonie & Mollie, Me- Run

Thurs: G-Water work Me-bike, swim

Fri: G-bird/field work Me-off day

Sat: G- NAHDA training day Me- Thom and I 11th wedding anniversary

Sun: G-play day Me- what ever day
Thanks to all the new fur buddies. I will be stopping by your blogs after I get home from work and can read with leisure.
We did get to go run/walk with Sonie and Mollie. It was raining and cold but we went anyway. The dogs didn't seem to mind but we were soaked. Tomorrow is water day but I think today could almost qualify for water day.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Rain again?..really?

It is raining again. We have field work and biking on the schedule. So I guess we will go out into the field and work on recall and heel. Let Gunner run some and burn off some energy. Ya never know maybe he will scare up a bird. I will have to ride the bike on the trainer...ugh. But on the plus side I have about 30 hrs of biking recorded that I need to watch. My weigh is still up and I have to get it down, before my race and also because I hate being this heavy. Gunners weight is just fine.
It rained and then it stopped and then it rained some more. We stayed home and started building the new block wall for the edge of the fence. Did some recall in the yard. Also we did nail, ears and even got Gunners teeth brushed. He was actually pretty good about it. Just used my fingers at first the the little tooth brush. I cheated and had Thom hold him and told him it was a treat. I'm not sure he believed me. Tomorrow we do field work and maybe some swimming. It is still to wet to take Fred out. He doesn't fly that great when he is all wet, or he doesn't want to. If Gunner caught him it would not be the best for either of them.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Gunner is 9 months old today!!

Yay!! Mr. Gunner man is 9 months old today. I can hardly believe that little ball of fur and floppy ears is getting to be so grown up. Although he still is very much the puppy. We have swim day today..I think. (Gotta check the schedule)
I checked the Schedule and it was Social day. But it has been raining off and on all day and it was gloomy. So I made an excutive decision and we took a day off. Just played and relaxed.
He had a good day and is doing so well being left out in the house instead of the crate while we are gone. What a good guy.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Another new adventure..

We did indeed go for our walk/run with Sonie and Mollie. Gunner was a very good boy and didn't even bark at anyone. He also was good with all the dogs we met yesterday. There were alot of people out yesterday. Running, walking, walking their dogs and riding their bikes. He did very well.
Later this afternoon Gunner will be walking in his first 5K. We will be walking to Support Breast Cancer Awareness. Gunners friend will also be walking with her mom. So we will take some pics. Well we are home and Gunner did very well. We mostly walked with his Friend Murphy. He loved seeing all the people and wanted to run. Murphy's Mom wanted to walk so we walked.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Swim, swim...look a bird,stick, tadpole

Gunner, Thom and I went out to the Lake this afternoon. It was nice and warm and not windy. I took my surf wetsuit. It is slightly easier to get on than my other one. I was so surprised that the water was not really that cold and Gunner went right in while I was still getting my wetsuit on. He was trying to chase a Canada Goose in the water. It was not amused so I called him back before the goose pecked him. We took one of his bumpers and a tennis ball. He was great I got in the water and Thom would throw it out and Gunner would go get it and take it back to him then I would go in and throw it. Started out at chest deep for him and then went a little deeper. He actually was swimming the last few times. Not graceful and with a lot of splash but he was so determined. We took a break from the water, he was tired and I wanted to get a short swim in myself so he played Frisbee with Thom and watched me swim.

After I was done we went in for a few more throws and he found a lovely big stick in the water that he "fetched" back to me. By the way, could they make wetsuits more weird and make me look like a big gray and black sea lion.

All in all a good day.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Gunner,me,Sonie, Mollie and Truman walking

We went into town and ran/walk with our friends. Gunner and Mollie did very well walking together. We would have run more but I couldn't breath very well. Stupid Asthma. :( and being out of shape.
I took some pics took the little black one is Mollie, the blue maniac is Gunner of course. The young man is my friend Sonie's Son.
It was nice and we did have a great time.