Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I'm going to get those Geese..

Today was water day for Gunner. So we went out to the lake. It was warm and sunny. The water was cold, not freezing but cold just the same. I took 3 different types of bumpers to work him with. He did great and ran right in the water, no hesitation. He swam just a bit and was good about bringing it back. Not so great about giving it up though. Took him off the check cord to swim that went well. Went we got ready to go back to the car, I put him on the check cord but did not hold it. He was doing so well just running around but not getting too far away and coming back when called.. He was..doing..so...good..Until, the 4 Canada Geese across the little stream. He pointed them so pretty. .....then he was off. Through the stream and after those big geese. I was thinking..oh no, they will bite him. Well they did not bite him. They flew away. Toward the forest.

With Gunner in hot pursuit...man, he can run...Called him "Come", no response, "Gunner come" nothing...he was focused. I was scared. I was thinking he will not stop and I can't make him and they are so far away. Just then as we were running to get the car to try to catch up with him. Here comes the Geese back toward the Lake...Gunner running after them still, like a Grey bullet. He ran right up to us and the Geese flew to the lake and settled in. I was so happy and aggravated at the same time. Happy, he came back. Aggravated that I should have had his E-collar on him. He had a ball and was tired but glad to see us. I think if they had been flying faster or smaller targets he would have listened but they were just fast enough that he though he could catch them.

He is sleeping now dreaming, I'm sure of catching those geese.


  1. Wow...sounds like Gunner had a ball chasing the geese. I would have been scared to, but I think they can sense that and it doesn't really help but it is hard to not go into panic mode when things go wrong. Glad everything worked out okay.

  2. It really sounds like Gunner had lots of fun! I know the feeling of being scared when they run though...what if they don't stop or come back and it's panic time. So glad everything worked out and I bet he is dreaming of geese!! Lots of love, Debbie and Holly

  3. I khan only sit and watch the ones that khome into my view!

    Woo are furry lukhky!