Friday, April 30, 2010

The injuries list...

Kind of like a bucket list. But it already happened and you do not want it.
Yesterday when getting ready to go out for our training Gunner, who is very helpful, helped me tie my shoes. By conking me right in the eye I have a 1/2 black eye. Then later we were down at the "girls" house and I was moving a picnic bench and stuck my finger on some wood. It hurts, not much to look at but it does hurt. The good news is that the big bruise from 2 weeks ago is almost gone. The bruise is from getting in the way of Gunner and Mollie we see a trend here. I think I need more insurance. LOL Today we are just going to the park and play. We are getting ready to go tomorrow to our training day. And we get to meet another Weim and her Dad there. Momma is very excited...Gunner, well he gets excited about just anything. Hopefully I won't have any injuries to report from tomorrow.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

It's Wed. again...just thinking

It is supposed to be really nice if a bit cool this afternoon. Should be nice for our walk/run. As I was watching Gunner point a little bird in the bushes, I was thinking. It was just a few short months ago that he started pointing stuff. Having never had a pointing dog at first I thought that he has something wrong with his front leg. I know it sounds dumb now but at the time after losing a dog to cancer and being so careful to get a healthy puppy. I was worried, so I mentioned to to my Hubby. He has had exposure to bird dogs, but he was sweet about it and asked when he was doing it and were there any birds or things around..well, yes there were usually some sort of bird close by. Ah Ha..then and there I got it. As he got a bit older and pointed more I loved to see him point and be intense on the bird. So now we are training to me actually because he is hard wired to do so. It is amazing how things come to be. Now we are all about birds and Hunter orange. Like I said it is going to be a nice day.
We just got back from our socialization time. Our good friend Sonie and her Mollie couldn't make it so we went by ourselves. Gunner met a Momma Pug and her 10 week old baby. He was great and very gentle with them. They look so little next to him. He even let the pugs owners pet him. They said he was very velvety. It was sunny and nice. He was great about the bikes and runners. What a good boy.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

It's water day again....

It is still drizzlings some still. But that is OK we are getting wet in the lake anyway. I may get some Cheetos or cheeseballs to help him swim deeper. Our friend Roy send Gunner some new dummies with knobbies on them and a launcher. We need to get the shot things to work the launcher but the regular knobbies we can use in the lake today.
I am also getting a little nervous about our first training day with the NAVHDA on Sat. Gunner is not nervous.
We went out to the forest to get in the lake. It was cloudy and wet. It also was cold so we didn't stay for long.

Monday, April 26, 2010

It's a new week

It's raining again. Maybe I need to work on Gunners swimming. :) I have worked out our schedule for the week. I mostly got everything done last week. Mostly...

So this week looks like:

Mon: G-Social walk/run Sonie & Mollie, Me-Bike

Tues: G-Water work Me-swim

Wed: G-Social walk/run Sonie & Mollie, Me- Run

Thurs: G-Water work Me-bike, swim

Fri: G-bird/field work Me-off day

Sat: G- NAHDA training day Me- Thom and I 11th wedding anniversary

Sun: G-play day Me- what ever day
Thanks to all the new fur buddies. I will be stopping by your blogs after I get home from work and can read with leisure.
We did get to go run/walk with Sonie and Mollie. It was raining and cold but we went anyway. The dogs didn't seem to mind but we were soaked. Tomorrow is water day but I think today could almost qualify for water day.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Rain again?..really?

It is raining again. We have field work and biking on the schedule. So I guess we will go out into the field and work on recall and heel. Let Gunner run some and burn off some energy. Ya never know maybe he will scare up a bird. I will have to ride the bike on the trainer...ugh. But on the plus side I have about 30 hrs of biking recorded that I need to watch. My weigh is still up and I have to get it down, before my race and also because I hate being this heavy. Gunners weight is just fine.
It rained and then it stopped and then it rained some more. We stayed home and started building the new block wall for the edge of the fence. Did some recall in the yard. Also we did nail, ears and even got Gunners teeth brushed. He was actually pretty good about it. Just used my fingers at first the the little tooth brush. I cheated and had Thom hold him and told him it was a treat. I'm not sure he believed me. Tomorrow we do field work and maybe some swimming. It is still to wet to take Fred out. He doesn't fly that great when he is all wet, or he doesn't want to. If Gunner caught him it would not be the best for either of them.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Gunner is 9 months old today!!

Yay!! Mr. Gunner man is 9 months old today. I can hardly believe that little ball of fur and floppy ears is getting to be so grown up. Although he still is very much the puppy. We have swim day today..I think. (Gotta check the schedule)
I checked the Schedule and it was Social day. But it has been raining off and on all day and it was gloomy. So I made an excutive decision and we took a day off. Just played and relaxed.
He had a good day and is doing so well being left out in the house instead of the crate while we are gone. What a good guy.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Another new adventure..

We did indeed go for our walk/run with Sonie and Mollie. Gunner was a very good boy and didn't even bark at anyone. He also was good with all the dogs we met yesterday. There were alot of people out yesterday. Running, walking, walking their dogs and riding their bikes. He did very well.
Later this afternoon Gunner will be walking in his first 5K. We will be walking to Support Breast Cancer Awareness. Gunners friend will also be walking with her mom. So we will take some pics. Well we are home and Gunner did very well. We mostly walked with his Friend Murphy. He loved seeing all the people and wanted to run. Murphy's Mom wanted to walk so we walked.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Swim, swim...look a bird,stick, tadpole

Gunner, Thom and I went out to the Lake this afternoon. It was nice and warm and not windy. I took my surf wetsuit. It is slightly easier to get on than my other one. I was so surprised that the water was not really that cold and Gunner went right in while I was still getting my wetsuit on. He was trying to chase a Canada Goose in the water. It was not amused so I called him back before the goose pecked him. We took one of his bumpers and a tennis ball. He was great I got in the water and Thom would throw it out and Gunner would go get it and take it back to him then I would go in and throw it. Started out at chest deep for him and then went a little deeper. He actually was swimming the last few times. Not graceful and with a lot of splash but he was so determined. We took a break from the water, he was tired and I wanted to get a short swim in myself so he played Frisbee with Thom and watched me swim.

After I was done we went in for a few more throws and he found a lovely big stick in the water that he "fetched" back to me. By the way, could they make wetsuits more weird and make me look like a big gray and black sea lion.

All in all a good day.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Gunner,me,Sonie, Mollie and Truman walking

We went into town and ran/walk with our friends. Gunner and Mollie did very well walking together. We would have run more but I couldn't breath very well. Stupid Asthma. :( and being out of shape.
I took some pics took the little black one is Mollie, the blue maniac is Gunner of course. The young man is my friend Sonie's Son.
It was nice and we did have a great time.

Mom, Look what I got

It was a cool and damp morning so Gunner and I went out to get some stuff done in the yard. I have been letting him go out a little further on his CC. That way he gets used to being just out of my sight. Well I was doing dog duty and here comes Gunner running up. All excited with something hanging out of his mouth. It was a little Mole. I don't think he actually killed it because it was a bit stiff but he was happy to bring it to me just the same.
So I thanked him and took it to the trash. So it was an interesting and weird start to the day.

We are going later to Walk/run with Sonie and Mollie.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

A very good day, both for Gunner and for Fred

We went out after lunch to the forest with Gunner and his favorite training pigeon Fred. I took Gunner up the trail away and Thom put Fred down and followed off to the side and let/herded him into a bunch of bushes just off the field. Then I brought Gunner back and told him to "hunt". I kind of guided him toward the area where Thom put Fred on the ground. It took a few minutes but he found the scent and followed it to the bushes. He pointed but not for long and then tried to get Fred. Fred flew off into the field. Gunner chased but did stop to point the second time. But then he got too close so Fred flew up into a little tree. I called him back to me and Thom retrieved Fred. Gunner came back to me with not too much problem. I felt that was probably enough for the day. Both for Gunner and for Fred. I then let Gunner play run around the field and get all muddy in the stream. Then we all came home. Checked for ticks and took showers. Gunner is tired. Fred is tired and I am tired. We are still working on getting some different birds to train with and may have a line on either some wild pigeons or another Roller Guys extra birds.

It's Sun so it is Bird day!!!

Yesterday was a great day! It was sunny and a bit breezy and cool. We took Gunner over to the West side park to work on his recall on the long Check cord and to just have a play day. He loved the Frisbee, still can't catch it. He follows and jumps but misses it. I know he will learn to get it but right now it is fun to watch him run around like a gray jet all over the field. He did great with his recall. I call and 98% of the time he would come running back a couple of time it took a cc reminder but not much. Then we played retrive with the bumper. Took a walk and he went into the stream no problem and into the bushes and even crawled under a log to try to follow a bird. All in all a good day.

Today is out to the forest day but in a controlled area, until his booster vacc. he needs to be in my sight. We are going to let "Fred" loose to walk and hide in a bush and see if Gunner can sniff him out. Gunner can not get Fred because he only has one wing taped so he can fly but not so far that we can't get him back.

I have figured out a training plan for the week for Gunner and myself. I am trying to combine his training with my Triathlon training. So here is how the week looks.
Mon: Gunner- Socialization, Run/walk with Sonie and Mollie Tri training:Bike, run (Gunner )
Tues: G-Water work Tri training: swim (G)
Wed: G-Socialization, Run/walk w/Sonie & Mollie, Tri training: Run (G)
Thurs: G- Bird work, 5K run Tri training: Run 5K (G)
Fri: Socialization, Run/walk with Sonie & Mollie Tri training: Bike
Sat: Field work Tri training: Bike
Sun: Water work Tri training: Swim

Friday, April 16, 2010

Up early today

Gunner decided today that we should get up early. Like at the butt-crack of dawn. 3:00 am What a pain. So todays schedule call for a nice walk/run with Sonie and Mollie this afternoon. I'm going to try to remember to take the camera so I can get some pics of them to post. May work on his "Scent work" if the rain holds off.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Trying to get it together and alll

Today we got to read a really good post about a great Weim taking and passing with top honors, her NA. It was great and the post was great at explaining what is actually done during the test. I am going to pic one discipline to work on every week until we go to our training day. Then see what we need to work on. We are going out to stealth hunt/catch some feral pigeons Sat eve for Sunday field work.

As for actual work we did yard work on "Heel" and "Recall"

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Can you say...spoiled??

Gunner is the most spoiled dog ever. We have been walking down to the carry out store every so often. To help with his socialization. Well, we went down this morning to get some hot dog buns and got to the Drive-Thru window. (Can't take my fur baby inside the store). He jumps up and puts his feet on the window and lets out this little woof. The man Sez' Hey Gunner wanna a snack? and lo and behold. He gets a doggie treat! Talk about spoiled. Then the guy gives him so pets and we get our bread. Then Gunner gets "one for the road" and we are off to home. Spoiled, I tell ya' just spoiled.
We are going to run/walk with Sonie and Mollie later this afternoon and I found this cool little slingy type think you can put a water bottle in and hook to your belt. So I can carry his water with out tying up another hand. Sometimes I feel like dog Mom's need 3 hands for all the stuff when walking.
We had a great time with Mollie, Sonie and Truman. Everyone was good and Gunner even wore his training collar. He is getting so good about people and didn't even bark at any regular people. He only barked a couple of times at a little boy in a 3 wheel trike thing. Not aggressive, just like I don't know what that is. I think being with Mollie helps too. She is not shy and I think that helps Gunner better than us people.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Shots today, resting and no training

Gunner got the first of his Lepto vacc. today. And we now have a new vet. She was great with him and really open to my questions and input. The office is nice, not too fancy but clean and the staff was good also. Finally have a place where I feel comfortable and trust in their services. Whew....finally.

Gunner has a rest day today. I however have to mow the grass. It is getting so tall we could hide birds here for Gunner to find. Hey, that's an idea. :)

Monday, April 12, 2010

Gunners social day

It is a bright and sunny day. On today's' schedule is going for our walk/run with Sonie and her dog Mollie. Gunner has not met Mollie yet but he loves other dogs so it should be fun. And we will see some people and get some time meeting new people. Working on the shyness.
Contacted Jeffrey about getting my birds ordered fo rthe May training day. I also am going over to Deleware to see the NA trials on Sat. I may even be able to help some. I'm looking forward to it.

Gunner met the lovely Mollie the Lab/mix. They had a great time playing and then we walk/ran the 5K loop. I now have alovely baseball sized egg on my uppper leg. Can we say...hard headed Gunner. :) He is getting so good at meeting new people. He actually went up to a few people and let them pet him. He only barked at a couple then asked for a pet. What a goof. We are going to get his Lepto virus shot tomoorw so the training will be pushed back a day. I don't like to work or stress him after shots.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Gunner and Fred the training pigeon

Today Gunner,Thom, myself and Fred the training pigeon went to the forest. Gunner needs to start finding real birds so we took Fred with us. Fred is a Pigeon from Thoms roller loft, we taped one wing so he could still fly but not get away too far or get lost.

First we took Gunner out and up and over hill and dale to see if we could find some Forest birds but they were all somewhere else. We even went up into Grouse territory but didn't see any. Thom headed back and got Fred out and planted him just off the path we were on for Gunner to try to find.

Gunner missed him the first time but did find and point him up the second time. He held pretty steady until Thom flushed him. He flew a bit away and we sent Gunner after his scent. (He didn't see where Fred went) Found him again and this time didn't hold but tried to get him. Fred flew like the strong adult bird he is. Actually hit Gunner in the face with his wings and flew about 500 yards away. Then he flew back to the bushes and Gunner found him and stayed put. So we ended the day on a positive note. With Gunner tired and happy, Fred, tired and disheveled but alive and us hot. It was a good day. Now we have showered and hunted and killed 2 ticks. Watered and fed Fred who is resting in his loft. And Gunner is watered and napping dreaming of sniffing out those birds and leaving the flying stinging things alone

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Going out to find some birds...

Gunner, Thom and I are going out to the Forest and try to find some birds. Not robins and tweet birds. Hopefully some Grouse or Doves or something. It is supposed to be really nice today. Wish us luck.
This is the forest but not the part that we will be hunting in. This terrain is not the best for birds but I like the picture anyway. :)
Well, we are back. We did see a few regular birds and one I couldn't identify. But it was bumped up by the Hubby. I told him "Whoa" LOL Anyway it landed again a little ways away. Got Gunner up on it but it flew before he could get on it very well. He did find the scent and tracked it from where it sat down to where it ran and then took off. The training collar worked very well. And we...Gunner and I got in the water some. I was not going to get wet. Gunner thought it was very funny to run by and splash me. So I got wet also. Tomorrow we are going again and work with his retrieval dummy and recall .

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Rain, lake and forest

What do you mean it's raining?
It's raining but we went anyway. I actually like the rain when it is not freezing cold. Was bad yesterday and didn't get out to the forest. We are going today, no slacking. So it will be check cord and recall work. Plus see if he scents up some birds. And possibly get to the Lake.
We did get out for a little while to the forest. Not much stirring around in the rain. I do love the longer check cord. Gunner did pretty well on recall.
Stats: weight-60.2lbs Height at withers: 25 inches
Normal walk/run:40 minutes a.m.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Spring flowers and bumblebees

Ah Spring. We have flowers peeking up and bumblebees everywhere. Gunner pointed a bumblebee this morning. Not exactly what I was aiming for. LOL

We did some "Heel" work and we are going out to the Forest and Lake to work on his water entry and just sniff around. Have ordered my training book. So excited to be getting it. Gunner is doing well and I have high hopes for him. He just loves trying to find the birds.

WE are taking the longer Check Cord so we can work on his recall some also. He does pretty well in the yard..but there are not too many distractions there. So we will see how he does in the field.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Gunner, Heel

Yesterday was the first day of class on "Heel". After figuring out how to put on his training collar. Why the heck don't they send instructions with the stupid thing. I know how to use the collar but getting it on just right....not so much. We figured it out, Gunner and I. After he helped me figure it out we went out in the yard. after a couple of false starts, He did really well. He actually even got the sit down with out cue after a short time. The look of surprise on his face after the one and only correction, was priceless. He has gotten used to 4-wheel drive, low center of gravity, pulling me around. He tried that with the collar on and it nipped him. I have to give the little guy credit though, it only took once.
Then we walked all snakey like and he payed attention and did really well. Specially for a bear of very little brain. Then we just played with the ball for the fun part of the training.
More today later.

I also have sent for his pedigree and Joined the NAVHDA (North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association) soon as I get his NAVHDA number we will join the local chapter. The Mid-Ohio NAVHDA. Getting our ducks in a to speak.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter

Happy Easter everyone! We had a lovely Easter day. Went on a great walk in the Forest and then down to the Lake. Where Gunner discovered that he cannot swim fast as a duck and that he can indeed swim. He looked like a Dock Diving Dog launching himself off the bank after the ducks.
This upcoming week : we will still be focused on Socializing Mr. Gunner and working on his Heeling. Also if we can get out to the Shawnee Forest Lake maybe some water retrieving.
I am really proud of him for just diving in like that.