Monday, April 12, 2010

Gunners social day

It is a bright and sunny day. On today's' schedule is going for our walk/run with Sonie and her dog Mollie. Gunner has not met Mollie yet but he loves other dogs so it should be fun. And we will see some people and get some time meeting new people. Working on the shyness.
Contacted Jeffrey about getting my birds ordered fo rthe May training day. I also am going over to Deleware to see the NA trials on Sat. I may even be able to help some. I'm looking forward to it.

Gunner met the lovely Mollie the Lab/mix. They had a great time playing and then we walk/ran the 5K loop. I now have alovely baseball sized egg on my uppper leg. Can we say...hard headed Gunner. :) He is getting so good at meeting new people. He actually went up to a few people and let them pet him. He only barked at a couple then asked for a pet. What a goof. We are going to get his Lepto virus shot tomoorw so the training will be pushed back a day. I don't like to work or stress him after shots.

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