Sunday, April 18, 2010

A very good day, both for Gunner and for Fred

We went out after lunch to the forest with Gunner and his favorite training pigeon Fred. I took Gunner up the trail away and Thom put Fred down and followed off to the side and let/herded him into a bunch of bushes just off the field. Then I brought Gunner back and told him to "hunt". I kind of guided him toward the area where Thom put Fred on the ground. It took a few minutes but he found the scent and followed it to the bushes. He pointed but not for long and then tried to get Fred. Fred flew off into the field. Gunner chased but did stop to point the second time. But then he got too close so Fred flew up into a little tree. I called him back to me and Thom retrieved Fred. Gunner came back to me with not too much problem. I felt that was probably enough for the day. Both for Gunner and for Fred. I then let Gunner play run around the field and get all muddy in the stream. Then we all came home. Checked for ticks and took showers. Gunner is tired. Fred is tired and I am tired. We are still working on getting some different birds to train with and may have a line on either some wild pigeons or another Roller Guys extra birds.


  1. Wow, sounds like Gunner had a great day. Fred is brave!

  2. Thanks Sagria, Fred is indeed brave and doesn't want to end up Gunners' snack.