Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Gunner, Heel

Yesterday was the first day of class on "Heel". After figuring out how to put on his training collar. Why the heck don't they send instructions with the stupid thing. I know how to use the collar but getting it on just right....not so much. We figured it out, Gunner and I. After he helped me figure it out we went out in the yard. after a couple of false starts, He did really well. He actually even got the sit down with out cue after a short time. The look of surprise on his face after the one and only correction, was priceless. He has gotten used to 4-wheel drive, low center of gravity, pulling me around. He tried that with the collar on and it nipped him. I have to give the little guy credit though, it only took once.
Then we walked all snakey like and he payed attention and did really well. Specially for a bear of very little brain. Then we just played with the ball for the fun part of the training.
More today later.

I also have sent for his pedigree and Joined the NAVHDA (North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association) soon as I get his NAVHDA number we will join the local chapter. The Mid-Ohio NAVHDA. Getting our ducks in a row...so to speak.

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