Monday, April 26, 2010

It's a new week

It's raining again. Maybe I need to work on Gunners swimming. :) I have worked out our schedule for the week. I mostly got everything done last week. Mostly...

So this week looks like:

Mon: G-Social walk/run Sonie & Mollie, Me-Bike

Tues: G-Water work Me-swim

Wed: G-Social walk/run Sonie & Mollie, Me- Run

Thurs: G-Water work Me-bike, swim

Fri: G-bird/field work Me-off day

Sat: G- NAHDA training day Me- Thom and I 11th wedding anniversary

Sun: G-play day Me- what ever day
Thanks to all the new fur buddies. I will be stopping by your blogs after I get home from work and can read with leisure.
We did get to go run/walk with Sonie and Mollie. It was raining and cold but we went anyway. The dogs didn't seem to mind but we were soaked. Tomorrow is water day but I think today could almost qualify for water day.


  1. Wow, looks like another busy week. :)

  2. Hi!! It's Mona, a friend of Sagira's. I'm a wire hair dachshund and wanted to say hello!!. Mommy has to go to work but we'll be back soon.