Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Can you say...spoiled??

Gunner is the most spoiled dog ever. We have been walking down to the carry out store every so often. To help with his socialization. Well, we went down this morning to get some hot dog buns and got to the Drive-Thru window. (Can't take my fur baby inside the store). He jumps up and puts his feet on the window and lets out this little woof. The man Sez' Hey Gunner wanna a snack? and lo and behold. He gets a doggie treat! Talk about spoiled. Then the guy gives him so pets and we get our bread. Then Gunner gets "one for the road" and we are off to home. Spoiled, I tell ya' just spoiled.
We are going to run/walk with Sonie and Mollie later this afternoon and I found this cool little slingy type think you can put a water bottle in and hook to your belt. So I can carry his water with out tying up another hand. Sometimes I feel like dog Mom's need 3 hands for all the stuff when walking.
We had a great time with Mollie, Sonie and Truman. Everyone was good and Gunner even wore his training collar. He is getting so good about people and didn't even bark at any regular people. He only barked a couple of times at a little boy in a 3 wheel trike thing. Not aggressive, just like I don't know what that is. I think being with Mollie helps too. She is not shy and I think that helps Gunner better than us people.

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  1. Sounds like Gunner had a great time and is being spoiled, the only way a Weim should be.

    Can't wait to meet Gunner in a few months. :)