Saturday, April 10, 2010

Going out to find some birds...

Gunner, Thom and I are going out to the Forest and try to find some birds. Not robins and tweet birds. Hopefully some Grouse or Doves or something. It is supposed to be really nice today. Wish us luck.
This is the forest but not the part that we will be hunting in. This terrain is not the best for birds but I like the picture anyway. :)
Well, we are back. We did see a few regular birds and one I couldn't identify. But it was bumped up by the Hubby. I told him "Whoa" LOL Anyway it landed again a little ways away. Got Gunner up on it but it flew before he could get on it very well. He did find the scent and tracked it from where it sat down to where it ran and then took off. The training collar worked very well. And we...Gunner and I got in the water some. I was not going to get wet. Gunner thought it was very funny to run by and splash me. So I got wet also. Tomorrow we are going again and work with his retrieval dummy and recall .

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