Sunday, April 11, 2010

Gunner and Fred the training pigeon

Today Gunner,Thom, myself and Fred the training pigeon went to the forest. Gunner needs to start finding real birds so we took Fred with us. Fred is a Pigeon from Thoms roller loft, we taped one wing so he could still fly but not get away too far or get lost.

First we took Gunner out and up and over hill and dale to see if we could find some Forest birds but they were all somewhere else. We even went up into Grouse territory but didn't see any. Thom headed back and got Fred out and planted him just off the path we were on for Gunner to try to find.

Gunner missed him the first time but did find and point him up the second time. He held pretty steady until Thom flushed him. He flew a bit away and we sent Gunner after his scent. (He didn't see where Fred went) Found him again and this time didn't hold but tried to get him. Fred flew like the strong adult bird he is. Actually hit Gunner in the face with his wings and flew about 500 yards away. Then he flew back to the bushes and Gunner found him and stayed put. So we ended the day on a positive note. With Gunner tired and happy, Fred, tired and disheveled but alive and us hot. It was a good day. Now we have showered and hunted and killed 2 ticks. Watered and fed Fred who is resting in his loft. And Gunner is watered and napping dreaming of sniffing out those birds and leaving the flying stinging things alone

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