Sunday, May 23, 2010

Gunner is 10 months today

Gunner is 10 months today. And he started his E-collar training. Had his first session and did well. The first time I used it he was like, just looking around but not at all startled. Did a short session just as directed in the Training with Mo book. We have been wearing it for about 2 weeks but not actually using it. I tried it on my neck first before I used it on him. It didn't hurt or even shock. More like a little poke. So onward and up ward. It is not raining today and is supposed to be nice this week. So we will definitely get out and do some bird work this week.

Friday, May 21, 2010

It's another week gone

It is Friday again. We didn't post much this week. Gunner and I have been working on his recall and did swim a few times. The rain is just getting to be too much. We did have a dry day yesterday but I had to spend it doing all the outside stuff I have not been able to do because of the rain. And now it it raining again. Arrrgh!! I will be going out to the forest either later today or tomorrow to see all the Triathlete's doing the TTT. I am sad I am not doing it but I was really a slacker this Winter when I should have been training. So Gunner and I are going out in the rain to watch and wish them well.
More later.....I hope

Monday, May 17, 2010

It is raining...again..

Ok enough of the rain already. I know we need rain but really???? I did not get the grass mowed but it is green and growing. Better put Gunners safety orange collar on so I don't lose him in the grass. I am going to start incorporating my Triathlon training with Gunners training. This should be interesting. Like today..I have an hour bike workout and a 30 min run. So we will run/walk and he can watch me ride the trainer. And then if it ever stops raining I am going to work on him tracking one of the Pheasant Hens. If it doesn't stop raining...well, I guess we can just work on recall and heel.
Got the bike part of my day done. Now it is off to tile, actually remove old tiel so I can put the new tile down tomorrow. Then it is time to run with Gunner....actually it will be more of a run/walk. Keeping an eye on the knee..mine not his.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

2 Days in a row...

In the water. Yesterday was beautiful and we got out to the lake. There were people in the swim area so we went to the feeder stream that was next to the Long term Hiking parking. It was about waist deep for me. Gunner did pretty well. We discovered that he does not like Cheetos in the water. But the birds do. And that when I ask him to jump off the bank into the deeper water...he will try to jump on me. Like a life raft. I was not going to get "all" wet. HaHaHa. He is getting braver about the swimming.
Then we went out again this morning early and there were no swimmers. So we went in the lake. He does like Hot Dogs in the water. So he did swim just a little more and he was amazed when I ducked under water and re-appeared right next to him. We saw some Triathletes getting ready for next weeks big race and then saw a couple of Triathletes this morning. Now my Swimming Gunner-man is napping. It is bird day tomorrow if it doesn't rain too hard after work.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

New week training continues...

It's raining...again. But we are just training anyway. As a smart person told me, we hunt and test in the rain. So we train in the rain. Gunner does not mind the rain and I guess I won't melt.

Going to register for Gunner's NA in Sept with the Buckeye Chapter. If we have one in Oct that gives me an option in case he does not do well. I fully expect him to do great but understand after racing in Triathlons sometimes it is just not your day. So it is good to have a 2nd option. We already went out for 15-20 minutes in the rain to work the "recall-heel-fetch" Our lovely across the street neighbor has a much bigger side yard then we do and he graciously lets me work Gunner there. Also no birds to distract my boy. I know some distraction are good but the pigeons and the Pheasants still tend to move his focus some. Getting better.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I'm going to get those Geese..

Today was water day for Gunner. So we went out to the lake. It was warm and sunny. The water was cold, not freezing but cold just the same. I took 3 different types of bumpers to work him with. He did great and ran right in the water, no hesitation. He swam just a bit and was good about bringing it back. Not so great about giving it up though. Took him off the check cord to swim that went well. Went we got ready to go back to the car, I put him on the check cord but did not hold it. He was doing so well just running around but not getting too far away and coming back when called.. He, the 4 Canada Geese across the little stream. He pointed them so pretty. .....then he was off. Through the stream and after those big geese. I was thinking..oh no, they will bite him. Well they did not bite him. They flew away. Toward the forest.

With Gunner in hot, he can run...Called him "Come", no response, "Gunner come" nothing...he was focused. I was scared. I was thinking he will not stop and I can't make him and they are so far away. Just then as we were running to get the car to try to catch up with him. Here comes the Geese back toward the Lake...Gunner running after them still, like a Grey bullet. He ran right up to us and the Geese flew to the lake and settled in. I was so happy and aggravated at the same time. Happy, he came back. Aggravated that I should have had his E-collar on him. He had a ball and was tired but glad to see us. I think if they had been flying faster or smaller targets he would have listened but they were just fast enough that he though he could catch them.

He is sleeping now dreaming, I'm sure of catching those geese.

Monday, May 3, 2010

First NAVHDA training day

It rained. It was super fun and Gunner was so good. We got to Delaware training grounds a few minutes late. Due to my slow driving and the rain. Gunner was great and this was the longest car ride he had been on. Met Jeremy from WA and the rest of the group. Had a brief discussion in the rain and then people started splitting off to do what they were doing. I was not sure what to do and Jeremy helped us. We got our birds and Jeremy got some too. They were big Pheasant hens. I was a little worried as Gunner has only worked pigeons and this birds are much bigger than that. But Jeremy did his wings and we let Gunner play and chase him some. He loved it and after being a bit hesitant, he realized that "Hey this is fun" Jeremy planted the 4-5 birds out in the field and we let Gunner go. He just put his nose down and started searching. He found the first one fairly quick. He flash pointed and then bumped and caught it. But he did bring it back to me and let me have it. He continued to find the other birds getting more confident with each time. It was also the first time I have let him go off away from me and at one point he was way away and I was worried but I called him "Come" and he did.

Jeremy let Smokey out. Smokey is his very beautiful adult female Weim. She worked with Gunner in the field. They did well. It was fun and Gunner was so happy and excited. It rained the whole time but it was still nice. Gunner slept most of the way home. He was wiped out but in a good way.