Monday, May 17, 2010

It is raining...again..

Ok enough of the rain already. I know we need rain but really???? I did not get the grass mowed but it is green and growing. Better put Gunners safety orange collar on so I don't lose him in the grass. I am going to start incorporating my Triathlon training with Gunners training. This should be interesting. Like today..I have an hour bike workout and a 30 min run. So we will run/walk and he can watch me ride the trainer. And then if it ever stops raining I am going to work on him tracking one of the Pheasant Hens. If it doesn't stop raining...well, I guess we can just work on recall and heel.
Got the bike part of my day done. Now it is off to tile, actually remove old tiel so I can put the new tile down tomorrow. Then it is time to run with Gunner....actually it will be more of a run/walk. Keeping an eye on the knee..mine not his.


  1. Have fun in the rain and don't lose Gunner!! It's raining here too....alot!! Have a good day! Lots of love, Debbie and Holly

  2. I'm tired of this rain to. :(