Monday, May 3, 2010

First NAVHDA training day

It rained. It was super fun and Gunner was so good. We got to Delaware training grounds a few minutes late. Due to my slow driving and the rain. Gunner was great and this was the longest car ride he had been on. Met Jeremy from WA and the rest of the group. Had a brief discussion in the rain and then people started splitting off to do what they were doing. I was not sure what to do and Jeremy helped us. We got our birds and Jeremy got some too. They were big Pheasant hens. I was a little worried as Gunner has only worked pigeons and this birds are much bigger than that. But Jeremy did his wings and we let Gunner play and chase him some. He loved it and after being a bit hesitant, he realized that "Hey this is fun" Jeremy planted the 4-5 birds out in the field and we let Gunner go. He just put his nose down and started searching. He found the first one fairly quick. He flash pointed and then bumped and caught it. But he did bring it back to me and let me have it. He continued to find the other birds getting more confident with each time. It was also the first time I have let him go off away from me and at one point he was way away and I was worried but I called him "Come" and he did.

Jeremy let Smokey out. Smokey is his very beautiful adult female Weim. She worked with Gunner in the field. They did well. It was fun and Gunner was so happy and excited. It rained the whole time but it was still nice. Gunner slept most of the way home. He was wiped out but in a good way.


  1. We will be waiting :)
    Hope it is a good kind of busy

  2. We understand! We will be here and look forward to it!! Lots of love, Debbie and Holly