Sunday, April 18, 2010

It's Sun so it is Bird day!!!

Yesterday was a great day! It was sunny and a bit breezy and cool. We took Gunner over to the West side park to work on his recall on the long Check cord and to just have a play day. He loved the Frisbee, still can't catch it. He follows and jumps but misses it. I know he will learn to get it but right now it is fun to watch him run around like a gray jet all over the field. He did great with his recall. I call and 98% of the time he would come running back a couple of time it took a cc reminder but not much. Then we played retrive with the bumper. Took a walk and he went into the stream no problem and into the bushes and even crawled under a log to try to follow a bird. All in all a good day.

Today is out to the forest day but in a controlled area, until his booster vacc. he needs to be in my sight. We are going to let "Fred" loose to walk and hide in a bush and see if Gunner can sniff him out. Gunner can not get Fred because he only has one wing taped so he can fly but not so far that we can't get him back.

I have figured out a training plan for the week for Gunner and myself. I am trying to combine his training with my Triathlon training. So here is how the week looks.
Mon: Gunner- Socialization, Run/walk with Sonie and Mollie Tri training:Bike, run (Gunner )
Tues: G-Water work Tri training: swim (G)
Wed: G-Socialization, Run/walk w/Sonie & Mollie, Tri training: Run (G)
Thurs: G- Bird work, 5K run Tri training: Run 5K (G)
Fri: Socialization, Run/walk with Sonie & Mollie Tri training: Bike
Sat: Field work Tri training: Bike
Sun: Water work Tri training: Swim


  1. Wow, you are so organized with a schedule and all. Keep up the great work!

  2. Sagria, Thanks, I have to be organized or I'd just not do anything. LOL