Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Swim, swim...look a bird,stick, tadpole

Gunner, Thom and I went out to the Lake this afternoon. It was nice and warm and not windy. I took my surf wetsuit. It is slightly easier to get on than my other one. I was so surprised that the water was not really that cold and Gunner went right in while I was still getting my wetsuit on. He was trying to chase a Canada Goose in the water. It was not amused so I called him back before the goose pecked him. We took one of his bumpers and a tennis ball. He was great I got in the water and Thom would throw it out and Gunner would go get it and take it back to him then I would go in and throw it. Started out at chest deep for him and then went a little deeper. He actually was swimming the last few times. Not graceful and with a lot of splash but he was so determined. We took a break from the water, he was tired and I wanted to get a short swim in myself so he played Frisbee with Thom and watched me swim.

After I was done we went in for a few more throws and he found a lovely big stick in the water that he "fetched" back to me. By the way, could they make wetsuits more weird and make me look like a big gray and black sea lion.

All in all a good day.

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