Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Man, its' hot...

So today we were working on the Pheasant pen. It is coming along nicely and they are going to love it. As much as a bird loves anything. They are doing fine and looking good in their temp. pen. I have been giving them produce out of the garden in the morning to supplement their Pheasant food. They love corn on the cob so they get the little ears or the older ones. And it gives them something to do. I was sitting outside last eve and they were talking to each other and the Rooster, Oscar, was calling them. His name is Oscar because he is grouchy. I love the soft little noises the hens make. I can see where they may be the descendants of the dinosaurs because if you look closely at Oscar he looks and acts like a VelociRaptor
Going to go to the forest and work with some pigeons and Gunner tomorrow morning. It is hard sometimes because of the heat and humidity.


  1. I have a dumb question. Are you doing these for Gunner to hunt them or just raising them?

  2. It is not a dumb question at all. I am doing it for a few reasons. To train Gunner with. To eat..they are really good and so are the eggs. And because I am enjoying taking care of them and them just being around. They are very interesting. The pigeons are my Hubby Rollers, we don't eat them they are contest birds. But I do train with the washouts.