Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Attack of the crawfish LOL

Today we went to Shawnee State Park to get some water work in. It was simply beautiful this morning. Cool and mostly sunny. With a bit of fog on the hills. Very nice. Gunner and I got out and did a few sit,wait, stand, wait and heel drills. Then I stood on the CC while gearing up. I look over and Gunner has something pointed on the grass about 2oo yards form the water. So I hustle over to see what it is, hoping it is not a snake. It was not a snake but a Crayfish making his way in orderly fashion to the water. Orderly until this gray menace got in his way. I called Gunner off and took his little tough self pictures. Then he went on his way, determined and probably muttering something about gray things and giants.

Went at heel to the field and let him search. He found a good trail a couple of time and pointed about 3 times. The one in the grass he let me approach and a little bird flew up. He wanted to chase and did take about half a dozen steps but he did not rush it while on point. The second was a nice point, I got up to him and could not see into the brush and down the steep incline but do believe there was a bird there. Called him off. The other one he or I didn't find anything.

So we went down to the Lake and Yay!! it was ok to swim. So we did retrieved and he did pretty well. Still wanting to hold the bumper but he is bringing it right back to me now and not trying to speed by me. Did a nice Heel all the way back to the car. Then he ran around a bit before we headed home. All in all a much better day...oh yeah, he did well with some standing "Wait" while I walked away..first time for him to get it in one try. Good Boy Gunner.

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