Saturday, August 21, 2010

Work and play

It's Sat and we had to work this morning. Oh well that is just how it goes when you work for yourself and the weather and stuff gets you. So we went in early and now home for Brunch and then off to work Gunner in the forest. Just a play day as we are doing birds tomorrow morning. I received my Cabelas catalogs today!! Whoo Hoo hunting stuff. I have to look for some chaps for my chubby butt. :) I have pretty much decided against the chest protector for Gunner after seeking advice from some other hunter people. It is cooler but looks like rain. At least it is not as hot as the face of the sun like that last couple of weeks.

Oscar the Pheasant cock is looking really pretty now that he is starting to get his adult feathers in. He just has some of his head green but the chest and all is filling out nicely. Pretty bird...even if he is a big old grouch. He was really grouchy this morning when I didn't have any squash for him and the hens. But they did get Kale and some bugs that were munching on the kale. I figure they are good protein for the birds and an Eco friendly means of pest control.

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  1. We hope you have a great day! It's cooler here too for a change with very little sun!