Monday, August 23, 2010

Wait/Whoa, What??

It is Monday again. We have the day off. Yay!! Still have to go to my second home Lowes for some stuff to work on Thom's loft.

Have not totally finished the training table but mostly and enough to use it. So it is Table Time for Gunner. He is doing pretty well most of the time with his Wait/Whoa. Not totally though. Sometimes he just stops then comes back to me and looks like "What, and why are we stopping" I have been even "Waiting" him on the yard birds just to use any opportunity I get to reinforce the command. So that is what we are doing bird training wise.

We also have a 3 mile run/walk to get done today. Had fun yesterday and am teaching him that pulling can be done while running "Mush" but when we "Wait" I call him back and we "Heel" on the walk parts. He seems to be mostly getting it. I just have to remember to give the command. :) It seems like I have to be training as much as he is. I'll report later how it goes

We.. Thom, Gunner and I got the training table finished. He was not afraid at all and went right up. Now I have to actually start Wait/Whoa training him. Going to watch my NAVHDA DVD and get it straight in my mind and then it is drill time for Mr.Speedy Feet. I'm putting up a couple of pics and one Video. He gets a bit excited and rushing some.


  1. Yay for a day off!!! Gunner is a beautiful dog and seems to be doing so very good at training. Love the video!! Lots of love, Debbie and Holly