Thursday, August 19, 2010

Pink tape and new tricks

Gunner has learned some new tricks today. I am so amazed sometimes at how quick he can be when he wants to. We went out to the forest today to just scout for birds. I decided to go off trail onto some less used old logging paths and deer paths. When I do this I always mark one side of the trail every so often with Pink Fluorescent Line tape. That way I don't get turned around or lost. And I use the pink because that way I know it is mine...the guys around here would not be caught dead using pink tape. They seem to prefer the Orange. LOL It was nice and cool. But also brushy and prickly. I think I found every kind of pricker bush and vine and tree today. Gunner does well and just charges forward sniffing, and sniffing. We did not find any birds today. Gunner did find some deer poop. Why do dogs like this stuff? He doesn't bother any other kind of poop but deer and rabbit. Any way we went for about 45 minutes one way and then headed back. Now when I go back I collect my tapes. Today Gunner started to help me collect them. He was running a bit ahead and pulling them loose and bringing them to me. Well, I thanked him and then had to correct him every time he would get close to one. The first time I told him no he looked so hurt...Like Momma I just found these you lost and am bringing to you. What a face. After about 3 corrections he figured I could just get them myself and would barely slow down for me to untie them. But he did check back frequently so he must not have been too put out. I took just a few pics to compare how foggy it was this morning. The clear shot of the landscape was a couple of weeks ago. The foggy one and the trees are from today. Well off to shower my poison ivy dog and myself. Then off to work.
Got home from work earlier. Did some heeling work and some recall. He is getting pretty good. Tried to do a track with a few feathers. He did find them but I think he saw me. I am going to do some bird work this weekend with the pheasants. Looking forward to it

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  1. Another great day! I used to live in the country here with a lot of hunting dogs and birds that were raised for that purpose. It's great to hear about your adventures! Lots of love, Debbie and Holly