Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Why is it raining today?

First of all I want to thank everyone who reads and posts on my blog. I am having a problem responding to your messages. But I do appreciate them and will figure out what I am doing wrong. Please be patient with I get tech savvy enough. :)

So I check the weather this morning. Like I do every morning. To help plan what the day will hold. They say not rain here until later this afternoon, if at all. Look at the Radar, looks good. So I go to work. To remove and replace the tiles on the pool deck I'm doing this month. Get to the job, get set up and start. Then about an hour into the starts raining. First just a drizzle then down it comes so I just sit there and finish removing the tile. Hey, at least it is not hot.
but I can not set the new tile down until it get dried up. So here's hoping tomorrow is not wet.

On the training side. We went out at 6 am to get our walk in before I left for work. Gunner did pretty well on his Heel on the walk. Did have some corrections but not too bad. We will be going out later with a Pheasant in harness to work some on the track. He is resting up for his afternoon workout. And Yay, it did stop raining about 10 minutes ago and it is only supposed to be like 75 degree today!!


  1. It sounds like a cooler day! It's raining here but it's still humid and stuffy. Have a great day! Lots of love, Debbie and Holly

  2. Hopefully it will not be too wet for you. :)