Wednesday, October 27, 2010

We have had a visitor

for the last 2 mornings. A lovely 8 point buck has been coming down into what is left of our garden and having his morning breakfast. He is just beautiful. Of course it is driving Gunner nuts. But he..the buck, seems to know Gunner can't get to him from inside so he just ignores him. That really bugs Gunner. We have been working on his recall again and he seems to be doing fine so far. If the fog ever lifts we will go out and work some Phezzies later this afternoon. He is getting so he holds for longer. Still not super long but at least long enough for me to get there and flush them. He has not be chasing them either. Then again when we do alot of our training alone it makes it easier because there are less distractions for him and me. I need to find some other folks to train with that are not 4 hours away. Until then we are having fun and next week will try to get a few Grouse days in during the week...less deer hunters.
Gordon is still doing well and is to be moved out of ICU today I believe. We are so thankful for the Donor and their family it is a brave and wonderful thing for them to have done.

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  1. Glad to hear that Gordon is doing well.

    Hope that buck doesn't cause any problems.