Sunday, November 14, 2010

A pack of beagles

It started raining last night and turned colder. So when I got up I decided to take Gunner out to the West Side and just work the edges of the corn and soy bean fields. We were working our way back toward the corn fields and heard the baying of beagles. They were still a ways out so we continued on for a bit. Then we didn't hear them any more. A few minutes later we were surrounded by happy smiling beagles. If a dog could look like "WTF??" Gunner was doing a good impression of it. He likes other dogs but not in such numbers. They were friendly and sniffing Gunner and me. Gunner got more relaxed after a little while and started to play bow to them and they were just hopping around. It seemed like a hundred of the little cuties but in reality there were only 7. My very first dog was a part beagle that my Aunt brought home when we were living with my Grandparents so I have always loved their smiling faces and sweet temperaments. Anyway off in the distance I see a guy coming towards us and I holler out that I'm sorry if I got into his way. He hollered back..."Not a problem..they have not done crap this morning anyway." He was on his way back to the truck so he whistled them up and off they when en-mass over the hill. Gunner looked like "Whew that was exciting" So we continued on our way. We didn't see any birds except a big hawk that Gunner DID NOT chase. Yay!! So now we are home after I gathered a few rocks for the edge of my fence. Gunner is tired and we will just relax the rest of the day.

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  1. Gunner is such a good boy.

    Wow...that is a lot of beagles.