Sunday, March 28, 2010

Rain, rain go the heck away...for a bit anyway

It was a drizzly day today. And it was a little cold too. Just my favorite type of weather. NOT! Gunner and I went for a nice run/walk and we also played with the retrieval dummy for our 10-15min class. Then we played with the tennis ball. He actually seemed to be doing better giving up the ball than the dummy?? Maybe that is because he gets access to the ball all the time and the dummy only when training. I am going to see if we can catch some wild pigeons this week to work Gunner with. I am going to be getting him a new training collar. His flat one or harness makes it hard to correct him. The flat one lets him drag me all over unless I really pull on him. Not good for him or me. I have the E-collar but will not be using that until I know he knows what I want and after we go to the NAVHDA training day. So I know how to use it.

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